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President of the M1 Consulting Group LLC

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30 years RC helicopter experience currently flying Procerus fixed wing systems, Draganfly helicopter systems and develop fixed wing UAV and payload systems. Interested to learn more about the work being done here.

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Mark Bateson commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post GoPro’s Unreleased Drone Already Shoots Great Video
"Also notice that in every shot it's dead calm - no wind it seems of any kind."
Oct 29, 2015
Mark Bateson commented on Matthew's blog post Lynx M: 3 Hour Mapping Endurance
"Looks a lot like and flies like an AeroVironment Puma ... what is the cost for a complete system?"
May 24, 2015
Mark Bateson commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Really moving BBC video on the Syria Airlift project, using APM drones to deliver aid
"Chris, I was down in San Diego with you in 2008 when you spoke at AUVSI to outlined your vision, your plans, and goal to bring the $1,000 sUAS to market. I vividly recall the reaction of disbelief from the large UAV manufactures in the audience.…"
Apr 26, 2015
Mark Bateson commented on Roger Sollenberger's blog post 3DR Announces the Official Launch of New Mapping Platforms
"Rob, Pix4D Discovery is free and available for download from the wizards at Pix4D. Brandon can comment on whether there are any differences between Discovery and what 3DR is calling Pix4D LT.
Oct 14, 2014
Mark Bateson commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Droneshare now has No-fly Zones
"Does this also include designated NOAA coastal marine sanctuaries that we should be aware of?"
Jul 24, 2014
Mark Bateson commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post The big 3 without editing
"Creative live went to considerable expense putting these two days of training together so unless you already have permission from creative live, what gives you the right to hijack their content and place it on YouTube?"
Jul 23, 2014
Mark Bateson commented on Eugene Potapov's blog post Quad used in monitoring of rare eagle nests
"In 2012 McGill University also conducted similar research flying Draganfly systems in Canada, studying raptor nests. Here's a link to a short video about the project.
May 24, 2014
Mark Bateson commented on cmiser's blog post Falcon UAV Selected For Anti Poaching Missions in Africa
"Chris, I extend my sincere congratulations! It's not only a great use for the aircraft but even more, an opportunity to make a difference. Very well done.
Sincerely, Mark"
Feb 4, 2014
Mark Bateson commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post 30km (18.6mi) Autonomous Flight!
"Thank you for the response Trent. You have a misunderstanding of the guidelines, please read AC 91-57 Issued June 9th, 1981 - point 3c, which clearly states RC aircraft should never be flown over 400' AGL. If you are within 3 miles of an airport you…"
Oct 26, 2013
Mark Bateson commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post 30km (18.6mi) Autonomous Flight!
"Trent, your video work has improved quite a bit and congratulations with your results. I need to point out a few safety issues though. You were flying at 180m (590') and with the heavy fog you had no visual eyes on the aircraft or even worse the…"
Oct 26, 2013
Mark Bateson commented on Steve's blog post Lick Observatory - Brushless Gimbal
"Nice video and maybe next time you can talk them into rotating and opening a dome at dusk while you're flying... that would be a nice touch. In regards to the NEX if you aren't already, try using a very fast memory card and here are some other nice…"
Aug 6, 2013
Mark Bateson commented on Joshua Ott's blog post New 3DR Products: Y6, X8, FPV kit, and APM 2.6
"To the 3DR team... sounds like the patent issue might be serious but in regards to the helicopters what is the maximum payload capacity for the Y6 and X8? Please post a "motor out" video with the helicopters carrying a significant payload. In the…"
Jul 9, 2013
Mark Bateson commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Autopilot Mayday!
"Hi Trent, hey as always I enjoy your adventures and love your enthusiasm but I have to say again, please stop flying next to that freeway. If you came down on the freeway and caused an accident, you might injure someone and besides getting into lots…"
Sep 20, 2012
Mark Bateson commented on Phillip Jones's blog post Getting ready for AUVSI
"There are some beautiful kits at Vario Helicopters ... here's an EC135 as an example
Jul 13, 2012
Mark Bateson commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Lost and Found Drone - Losing and Finding our Shrike
"You were incredibly lucky to locate the plane - wow, just another 50 feet into that tall grass and it would have been really tough to visually locate ... or a gated road or private property with dogs. Glad you were able to locate it and it all…"
Jun 30, 2012
Mark Bateson commented on Chris Anderson's blog post A warning on travelling with drones in your luggage
"Much of the new awareness over transporting LiPo batteries in the cargo hold resulted from a fatal UPS cargo plane crash in Dubai. There are differing conclusions but in general it's believed the fire was caused by the LiPo shipment they were…"
Jun 25, 2012