Falcon UAV Selected For Anti Poaching Missions in Africa

3689572952?profile=originalIn Nov 13 Falcon UAV traveled to Namibia in cooperation with the WWF and Namibia Ministry of Environment and Tourism to participate in field tests for anti poaching and other conservation missions.  While in Namibia Falcon flew a number of day and nighttime missions at two separate parks and based on our performance we were selected for an initial fielding to occur in 2014.  

We are very proud to be selected for this mission but realize that we didn't do this alone.  We proudly fly the APM autopilot and use Mission Planner on the ground and want to take this opportunity to thank the DIY community, the APM dev team, and the staff of 3DRobotics.  Special thanks to Andrew Tridgell, Michael Oborne, and Craig Elder for their support of our efforts in Africa and beyond.  This system wouldn't be as amazingly capable as it is without the contributions of the entire community.  So thank you all for your contributions to this noble mission.

For more information on the WWF project:



Chris Miser

Falcon UAV

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  • 100KM

    An epic achievement, well done and congrats!

  • Developer

    This is great news! Congrats Chris. 

  • Chris, I extend my sincere congratulations! It's not only a great use for the aircraft but even more, an opportunity to make a difference. Very well done.

    Sincerely, Mark

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