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Regardless of your views on Middle East conflict, everyone in this community should feel very proud after watching this video, showing APM-powered planes used for humanitarian aid. Mark Jacobsen at the Syria Airlift Project is inspiring, and I personally will be backing his work.  

The power to "democratize the skies" is why I started this community and is the ultimate goal of our projects here.  I was sure that, by making it free and open, people would find uses for the technology that I could never dream of and Mark is just more evidence that's coming true. 

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  • Absolutely awesome.  Thanks for posting the video and thank you to those behind this marvelous effort.

  • I think this project will make a huge difrerence to many people, just the beginning of something very big

  • backed

  • Mark, this is noble and heart moving endeavor you are in. Not sure if you know about openlrsng and DTF UHF hardware. They have some really good 1w 433mhz Rx and Tx modules, with a dipole on a plane and a moxon on the ground you can easily do 80 miles fully controlled flight even with telemetry. take a look at the gitsly branch of openlrsng which is mavlink friendly. 

  • Thank you, everybody. Mark, yes, it's amazing that 3DR has put this kind of capability in our hands... and it's amazing to think the technology will keep getting better.

    If anybody is interested to contributing to our project, our crowdfunding campaign launched this morning: http://www.igg.me/at/SyriaAirlift. I'd be grateful for anything you all could do to spread the word!

  • I am glad people are seeing the true potential of the XUAV Talon frame, they are true pioneers in UAV frame designs. 

  • 3D Robotics

    Thanks, Mark. I remember that conference vividly. They just couldn't believe that there was any way to do this other than the aerospace way -- the response was a combination of scorn and confusion.  I think it was then that I realized that the aerospace industry was stuck, and we needed to go elsewhere to find "our tribe". That turned out the be the consumer electronics industry, which moved fast, cheap and around open platforms.  And here we are!

    I'm so glad that you and others have witnessed this ride from the beginning. I what we and our peers in the consumer-led UAV market are doing is akin to the PC vs the Mainframe.  But this time it will move much faster. 

  • Chris, I was down in San Diego with you in 2008 when you spoke at AUVSI to outlined your vision, your plans, and goal to bring the $1,000 sUAS to market. I vividly recall the reaction of disbelief from the large UAV manufactures in the audience. Fast forward to 2015 and you (along with a community of developers) delivered on everything presented and more, making stories like the one posted here a reality. Amazing what can happen with a clear vision and a plan in just a few years time. Great work everyone.

  • my country is one of the largest exporters of generic medicine.

  • hi mark, I had been flying APM based drones for last 5 years. I would like to help u in somewa like assemble drones and my country is know for very low cost of modern generic medicine. I can provide you with low cost antibiotics and first aid kits and have them packed in boxes of the size which would fit into the airframes. (like the X-UAV frame) u  are using. a strip of pain reliever costs something like 15 cents in my country. and this is all very good quality. I understand you would have legal issues of exporting drones to turkey from USA. also I can help u source airframes and motors since I keep visiting china it being  neighbouring country. I had this project long  back in my mind but could not go ahead.

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