Getting ready for AUVSI


We're getting our booth ready for AUVSI and I thought some of the people on DIY Drones might appreciate a sneak preview of the helicopter that we'll be showing off. I was really hoping to have some dead bugs on the rotors before AUVSI, but some of the machined parts got delayed. So, first flight will have to wait until we get back home!

Here's the SA-200 Weasel in the paint booth :-)

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         Looking good!  very cool that you have a booth and will be showing off your pro set-up.


        I'll be attending the conference and I agree it's be a great idea to gather up some DIYDroners that week.  I wonder how we should organise this..  All meet at Phillip's booth?  Create a temporary DIYDrones group?

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    Love the chopper, hate the paint scheme. 

  • For those going to AUVSI, we should have a DIYDrones mixer or something on one of the days (I suggest Tuesday) .

  • There are some beautiful kits at Vario Helicopters ... here's an EC135 as an example

  • Ok, I knew they invented it, but didn't know the name was trademarked.

    It would be nice to figure out a good way to do it on a 600-700 sized machine.  For the "not ground strike" advantage.

    But in terms of hand-safety, how much of an advantage is it?  Because you'd have to get in range of the main blades anyway?  On a full-size, I get it because the main blades are over your head, but the tail rotor is a threat still.

    Nice looking body though.  I wish I could find something to put on my 600, other than just the typical pod.

  • yeah, one reason is for safety. It's harder to stick your hand in the way of a shrouded tail rotor than an open rotor. Also, it reduces the chances for damage if someone lands the vehicle a little too close to some bushes. Overall lower vibration than traditional open tail rotor. And it needs less power in forward flight, but requires more power in hover, so there's tradeoffs. 

    (Technically, the name 'Fenestron' is owned by Eurocopter -- like Kleenex vs Facial Tissue.)

  • Gorgeous.  Fenestron tail?  For safety or what?

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