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Need advice on equipment

I'm doing some testing on parachutes and want to record descent rate.   Is there a way to do this with say, a cube, without going to a pitot tube? I would think that the angular descent of a parachute would not give accurate descent rate (or would it

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Here GPS weight - case or not

Hi all

I am putting together a Mini Talon UAV with the Pixhawk 2.1 flight controller and the Here GPS. My build ends up being a bit heavy, so I am trying to remove weight where possible.

In this regard I noticed that the weight of the Here GPS is quite

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SERIAL5 on Pixhawk2

Mission Planner has the resources to set protocols for SERIL5, but nothing seems to work. Have tried Lidar, frsky telem and gps...but nothing seems to work.

Reading the developers forums it states all the protocols were indeed added for SERIAL5 as wel

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