After spent more than 2 weeks troubleshooting an error "No GPS" message. (and “destroy” others GPSs, cables and oterhs, to try to understand)

I opened my Pixhawk2  board and found hot "glue" only in the primary GPS (GPS 1) connectors.

Please can someone check if this glue is normal?  Is possible to see without open the board.

Because if is not normal (the Glue), they sell  a really bad quality board, but first I would like to check first of all.



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  • They will fix for me, thanks for really professional.
  • Developer
    This exact same post is on so many sites, it’s difficult to answer them all.

    If your board is broken, RMA it via your local distributor

    The glue is added to increase support for this connector as so many people are forgetting to use the clip.

    For future reference, no support is given here for the Cube, contact your reseller
  • Problems always happen, the difference is how to manage then, I already send a E-mail to, let’s see.



  • Mine is glue at all.. the bad news led pad is broken  and imposible to re-solder. This happen when i remove gps connector. Very fragile.  Pay attention on GPS1 connector.. why there is a hole  exactly on  gps1 connector holder?, so only one side soldered. Only the GPS 1 connector, the others are ok... Imperfection!, that caused very fragile to break.  Perhaps that's why they put glue on that. 

  • The glue is normal, as Thomas said. It was added to reinforce that connector. The connector is a "pinch to release" type, but it's so close to the Cube it's impossible to pinch. So people tend to push on the tab to release it, causing it to break the solder pads off. So it was reinforced with glue. Since breaking mine, I use tweezers to squeeze the tab. :-)

  • Hi Robert, 

    The glue on the GPS1 connector is normal. It strengthens the GPS1 connector. 

    However, the "No GPS" message is not normal. You should contact your distributor/vendor to see if the unit is defective. They will be able to run through some troubleshooting steps for that particular issue. 



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