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eko rahardjo replied to Robert Baumgartner's discussion Pixhawk 2 - board damaged (maybe) from factory in Pixhawk 2 User Group
"Mine is breaking..no glue at all.. the bad news led pad is broken  and imposible to re-solder. This happen when i remove gps connector. Very fragile.  Pay attention on GPS1 connector.. why there is a hole  exactly on  gps1 connector holder?, so only…"
Apr 13, 2018
eko rahardjo replied to Ivan R's discussion MP latest beta missing descriptions on full parameter list
"+1 Craig Elder, I completely missing all param descriptions.  How to show up all param descriptions? I already re-install mission planner but still nothing.."
Nov 5, 2015
eko rahardjo left a comment on Indonesia Arducopter Group
"@Yudha Angkasa Putra : Salam kenal pak Yudha..Untuk software banyak kok pak Yudha, tergantung kebutuhan. Klo hanya mau menggabungkan saya kira PTGUI atau Microsoft ICE..Klo Orthophotomosaik bisa pake Photoscan, Menci, Enso, Nimpho, PCI, dll.."
Aug 14, 2014
eko rahardjo commented on F. C. Bearsch's blog post I was looking to get better radio range.. Found XRange
"100mw for 15Km..looks like promising for the who wants fly over 100km if rf output boosted to 1watt.."
Jul 24, 2014
eko rahardjo commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Time: "Here's why so many drone pilots are getting in trouble" (they're not RC folks)
"Nowdays microcontrollers and sensors are growing rapidly. Not only in our hobby, but in everything. smartphone, self park car, self driving car, segway, etc. They are going cheap. I never image flying autonomously my RC Airplane 10 years ago! The…"
Jul 22, 2014
eko rahardjo commented on ausdroid's blog post Aerial Survey and Photogrammetry with X5 & X7
"Ausdroid, where do you put battery on x5? I saw no room for battery on your picture?"
Jul 6, 2014
eko rahardjo commented on edupin's blog post First international drone photography awards: And the winner is...
"Congrats to Capung Aero team for the 1st winner of this competition..good luck to you."
Jul 5, 2014
eko rahardjo commented on Alex Wong's blog post DJI Phantom flies through fireworks and over crowd. Brave or Foolish?
"Wow it's awesome! He's flying really inside, fantastic! I just curiuos how loud big bang from exploded fireworks not affected the IMU? Anyone confirm of this?"
Jul 1, 2014
eko rahardjo left a comment on Indonesia Arducopter Group
"Saya juga di Jakarta..project kami kebanyakan aerial mapping sawit, tambang, dan kehutanan."
Jun 8, 2014
eko rahardjo left a comment for Rai
"I'm glad to meet you Rai..

Jun 6, 2014
eko rahardjo replied to Rai's discussion New Skywalker 1680 with APM for longer flight time [90 minutes] in ArduPlane User Group
"Hi Rai,
Better you use SW 1900 (fx series airfoil), higher lift capabilty so it can bring more battery amps. Do you mean endurance (90min) or Long distance? it's different terms in between. If you want to fly endurance choose high aspect ratio…"
Jun 5, 2014
eko rahardjo commented on Stephen Zidek's blog post Octocopter Scan of UMBC (T3 Entry)
"Very interesting. Would you share PID's?, Thanks."
Feb 1, 2014
eko rahardjo commented on Roberto Navoni's blog post VRBrain vs DJI Wookong M - latest firmware rev 3.0.3 available
"Cool, I'm very impressed..I send email today, pls check."
Jul 22, 2013
eko rahardjo replied to Adrian L's discussion Crashed today !!!
"Hi Andrian,
Please check your motor thurst. I think it's important to make correct motor thrust on pusher airplane type. Fly in manual mode then full throttle, and notice if it has tendency nose dive.  I have similiar problem with SW1880, it…"
Jul 22, 2013
eko rahardjo replied to k.rusydi85's discussion APM 2.5 on ArduPlane 2.4 Firmware Hard bank and dives in Auto flights in ArduPlane User Group
"Hi Khairul,
I have same problem with my SW1880, bank and dive with full throttle.  My SW1880 a bit nose heavy, AUW 2,7kg. My guess SW1880 hate to bank more than 45 degree to turn with a bit nose heavy caused nose drop down. I set Roll Limit…"
Jul 10, 2013
eko rahardjo commented on Roberto Navoni's blog post Please welcome a newborn: VirtualRobotix Italia !!!
"Congrats to you all, may success be with you."
Feb 28, 2013