• Here's one that will work. You will have to write some code to scale it properly. I havent tried one, but they look like just the thing for high current applications. You just run one of the power leads through the hole. I think much less trouble than a shunt which would need an op amp to get any good resolution.

    data sheet

  • Look into using some sort of Hall-Effect sensor, that should allow you to measure a current non-invasively (and allow you to use a microcontroller).

  • as far as i know the current sensors available dont go that high, you may need to look at using a current shunt and measuring the voltage produced into one of the analog inputs on the apm board, one issue with using a shunt is the microvolts produced may be difficult to read accuralty into the APM (it depends on the scale and sensitivity of the analog input circuit on the APM ) you may need a microvolt amplifier to be added between the shunt and anolog input to get the voltage levels to something the apm can read, this then adds yet another source of error into your measurements.


    have a look at this page for some insight into shunts -



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