Kingsville, TX

About Me:

Electrical Engineering Student at the Texas A&M University in Kingsville. I have a small background in Amaeture Radio (a.k.a. HAM radio) that has helped at times in my studies of EEEN.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

A classmate of mine decided to make a quadrotor for the senior design project, and I was the only one foolish enough to go along with it. Several months later, I've practically built it from the ground up three times over and trying my hand at designing a unique control system for it. In short, I'm mostly interested in the flight dynamics and mostly autonomous control of a multirotor helicopter. During the summer of 2011, I spent much time R&D'ing a fuzzy-logic control system, vs. the usual PID system in use by many quadrotors out there. I have since learned a great deal about controller theory, and have plans to investigate self-tuning (or "Adaptive") control systems, which combine PID with fuzzy-logic... when I get the time to, of course.


Goliad, Texas

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Allen Babb replied to Phillip Schmidt's discussion Scratch Built Quadcopter with Inertial Position Tracking
"What's the power rating, Kv, and operating voltage for your motors?"
Apr 1, 2012
Allen Babb commented on Paul W. Quimby's blog post Building a model of an RC helicopter
"Once you've got an LTI system you like, the next step would be to replace parts computed by the circuitry with discrete-time (or z-domain) equivalents. Try simulating the same mixed system in Matlab, with various sampling rates, you might find…"
Mar 24, 2012
Allen Babb replied to Phillip Schmidt's discussion Scratch Built Quadcopter with Inertial Position Tracking
"I looked at your blog, and was curious as to what you do during idle time, where the core's not scheduled to process anything and is just waiting for the next scheduled time?

Also, you have to be careful about frames of reference. Remember that…"
Mar 19, 2012
Allen Babb replied to Allen Babb's discussion The AirDragon Project (WIP)
"Well, I've been quite for the past couple of months, and I thought it would be a good idea to keep people posted.

The original software I hashed together had finally given up by the end of November, and couldn't be revived at all. I had then…"
Mar 19, 2012
Allen Babb replied to Wipo's discussion Razor 9DOF - magnetometer drift
"EMF noise caused by the motors. See if you can do a frequency spectrum analysis of it and you may be able to filter it out in software (or even hardware if your have the space)."
Mar 19, 2012
Allen Babb replied to anamr's discussion Reduce vibrations or change the sensors?
"Well what software are you using?"
Mar 19, 2012
Allen Babb replied to iridiumdagger's discussion Controlling drone with Matlab/simulink
"Well, I'd start with the ArduPilot. If you try making your own autopilot then you'll be stuck for at least a year learning all the intricacies of it.

If your going to try to do stuff via Simulink, you'll have to have a way of communicating between…"
Mar 19, 2012
Allen Babb posted photos
Nov 15, 2011
Allen Babb replied to Eric's discussion Quadcopter SOS
"Reply by Eric

Hey,how have you been?
I finished a lighter stucture last week and im currently working in the Yaw control still... have you had any luck with it? any good ideas on how to calibrate that PID?
I have one question that you might have…"
Nov 14, 2011
Allen Babb replied to gilang.p.u's discussion auto hold altitude..
"What I do have to use remute to be able to fly quadcopter? and new uses hold altidude mode ... What quadcopter can not fly automatic altitude hold mode?

gilan, could you try re-wording your question again? I didn't quite understand what it is you…"
Nov 14, 2011
Allen Babb replied to sree kalyan's discussion tricopters
"Most of the torque is nulled by the counter-rotating rotor pair, but the remaining torque from the third rotor is nulled by actually rotating the rotor itself. If you take a look at some of the Tricopters that have already been built, you'll notice…"
Nov 4, 2011
Allen Babb replied to Bernard Andre Lacasse's discussion Interesting propeller shape
"Can't seem to find what your referring to... link please?"
Oct 26, 2011
Allen Babb replied to Peleus's discussion How crazy am I?
"i) Laughing? nope. Smirk? maybe.
ii) Quite viable to do! People have done it before, and it looks like the micro scale QR's (less than 6 inches in diameter) are much more suited to indoors than their bigger cousins
iii) I'll put it this way,…"
Oct 25, 2011
Allen Babb replied to James Roan's discussion Quadracopter questions!!!
"Nah, don't worry about it.
 I can't really tell you off-hand which one is the "best" hands down... it seems like there's always another new battery on the market. Best advice I can give you regarding those is to try to calculate a power to weight…"
Oct 25, 2011
Allen Babb replied to kuxz's discussion Acrylic sheet as main plate
"I've been reading here and there how acrylic sheeting accumulates static electricity. This may or may not be much of a problem though..."
Oct 25, 2011
Allen Babb replied to Jason A. Sheely's discussion Bicopter help!
"Welcome to the DIY community! Hopefully we'll be able to help you out.
First off, if your willing to do a bit of reading, research up on kinematics equations. There's two flavors, one calculus based and one algebra based. The're essentially the…"
Oct 25, 2011