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gilang.p.u posted a discussion
I use the APM1 arducopter software 2.4, I want to record log data but can not?What can anybody tell me?thnkz..gilang
Jul 9, 2012
gilang.p.u posted a discussion
what mega ardupilot 1280 could not be used on firmware 2.5.5?I use mega ardupilot 1280, I wanted to compose the latest frimware version but can not,, what any suggestions for me, besides having to replace ardupilot 1280 to 2560?
May 31, 2012
gilang.p.u posted a discussion
I want to record data altitude from APM,,What can anybody tell me how??thkz..gilang
May 7, 2012
gilang.p.u commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post Please welcome ArduPilotMega 2.0!
"what APM2 open source, can be programming with Arduino"
Dec 16, 2011
gilang.p.u replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter 2 stability patch
"This is very nice,,Copter what is still using the remote or automatic, for landing and tagoff?I am also still trying to make Copter can be automated landing and tagoff, andkeeping at an altitude altitude_hold 1m,,,to complete my final…"
Dec 7, 2011
gilang.p.u posted a discussion
does anyone know where there is a library to read a sonar? I am trying to find thelibraries that exist but can not find, on the library AP_ADC_ADS7844 nor is there a function to read CH7 (Pin Sonar) ..please help me ..thank you ..gilang
Dec 7, 2011
gilang.p.u posted a discussion
Hi,I’m working on a Quadcopter for my final project electronics engineering.. I do not use the remote because quadcopter should be able to fly automatically.Now, I'm having a problem about the altitude hold control auto .. I use…
Nov 14, 2011