Interesting propeller shape

I went to Hoverfly's website and I discovered that one of their Quadcopter (X8) has its propellers in a wide "V" shape, rather than the usual straight shape. Does anybody had a chance to see (or build) one of them? What is the advantages/disadvantages? It is an intriguing concept. Thanks.

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  • Hi Bernard,

    If you are referring to the picture on the left on, I think what you are seeing is just the effect of taking a picture of a rotating propeller: as the CCD of the camera is read out top-to-bottom or left-to-right (or whichever way the digital camera used to take the picture does it) the propeller keeps rotating, making it looks distorted.

    In reality, the props are probably quite normal looking - in fact, if you look at the picture of the quad on the desk on picture in the center you will see that it has conventional propellers.


  • Can't seem to find what your referring to... link please?

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