• Nah, don't worry about it.

     I can't really tell you off-hand which one is the "best" hands down... it seems like there's always another new battery on the market. Best advice I can give you regarding those is to try to calculate a power to weight ratio for ones that your interested in and then see which one of those has the best.


    The power is usually labeled as "mAh" or milli-Amp hours. Suppliers also give the mass or weight directly. If they give you the mass in grams multiply it by 9.81 to get its weight.


    Also, you might need to keep an eye on the maximum current discharge. Motors eat up quite alot of Amps!


    You can usually find a balancer in the same place you find the batteries. They differ from regular chargers in that they make sure the individual cell voltages are roughly the same (improves lifetime and consistancy). Just look for one that can handle the battery your thinking of purchasing, some feature multiple batteries charging at the same time while others offer connector flexibility. Opt for flexibility.



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