Moscow, ID

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I'm a crop consultant for the local area. I would like to be able to use UAV technology to advance my scouting capabilities

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'm interested in using UAV's to do crop scouting on agricultural fields


Potlatch, ID

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Dean Walker replied to Dean Walker's discussion VTOL Planning?
"Yeah at this point I was pretty much just planning on using them for takeoff and having a seperate motor that handles forward flight. Reading the options it looks like you can set them to help in the corners as well but that's probably down the road…"
May 22, 2018
Dean Walker posted a discussion
I need some input....I'm trying to convert one of my current air frames into a VTOL platform and I'm looking for recomndations for motor and prop combos.  My air frame is a Foamaroo: Roo LinkI'm trying to pick up about 1500 grams without a battery…
Apr 29, 2018
Dean Walker replied to SkySpaghetti's discussion 3 Axis Gimbal, SunnySky Motors, Tarot 650 Frame, T-Motor Props... need gone!
"How much for the 650 Frame"
Apr 7, 2017
Dean Walker posted a discussion
Hi,Anybody have an idea where I can get a cable that connects my Pixhawk to a telemetry module?  I can't seem to get them out of 3dr anymore.Thanks!Dean 
Mar 1, 2016
Dean Walker posted a discussion
Anyone running a DYS Gimbal with a Hero 2 ?  It say in the literature that it will fit but mine doesn't seem to fit in the cradle.....Thanks!Dean
Sep 12, 2015
Dean Walker replied to Gregg's discussion 3dr x8
"Still got this?  "
Aug 30, 2015
Dean Walker replied to Anna Tian's discussion Why no fixed wing UAV in crop dusting? in Agricultural UAVs
"The majority of spraying via small aircraft or UAV is done by line of site in small acreage patches (See how the Yamaha Rmax is deployed).  In this application the advantages of being able land vertically outweigh the efficiency of a  fixed wing…"
Jan 22, 2015
Dean Walker replied to Jim James's discussion APM 2.5 w/GPS APM 2.6 w/GPS
"I'm also interested.  please let me know

May 14, 2014
Dean Walker replied to Simon Maher's discussion Event 38 E382 fixed wing full UAV mapping kit unused, plus camera for NDVI
"I'd be interested in the kit but we'd have to check shipping.

May 9, 2014
Dean Walker replied to Dean Walker's discussion Error up loading new Firmware?
"Tried switching usb port, cable and computer but it didn't change.."
Feb 2, 2014
Dean Walker posted a discussion
Hi all!I'm trying to upload new firmware to my 2.0 APM but when I run the wizard it works for awhile and then throws an error " no communication" right after "Reading Hex".  I'm stumped on what's wrong because I can communicate with the APM when I'm…
Feb 2, 2014
Dean Walker posted a discussion
https://www.agronomy.org/story/2013/nov/tue/improved-crop-monitorin... to go Jim...Nice article on drones in agDean
Nov 27, 2013
Dean Walker posted a discussion in Andropilot Users Group
Hi!I bought a OTG cable for my phone (Samsung Galaxy SII) but it still doesn't seem to recognize the 3DR radio.  I've seen online that Samsung has it's own cable and I'm wondering if it's something special?  Anyone else been able to hook this…
Jun 29, 2013
Dean Walker replied to Dean Walker's discussion Stumped!
"Obviously, I'm messed up here.  I thought it was talking but the lights are blinking not solid.  I guess I had a brain fart.....  I'll need to come up with a FTDI cable an try again.


Jun 24, 2013
Dean Walker replied to Chris Anderson's discussion Article: Roundup of agricultural robotics (including UAVs) in Agricultural UAVs
"After working in ag for 20 years I wouldn't hesitate to say that the greatest barrier to adoption of technology isn't hardware but the training and support structure needed to sustain it.  There is technology in the field today operating at only a…"
Jun 24, 2013
Dean Walker posted a discussion
I can't seem to make my telemetry connect.  I had a crash and after the crash the telemetry wouldn't connect.  I replaced the the air module thinking that I had broken it on impact but after I switched it out I still can't hook up.  My air module is…
Jun 20, 2013