Samsung Galaxy SII question


I bought a OTG cable for my phone (Samsung Galaxy SII) but it still doesn't seem to recognize the 3DR radio.  I've seen online that Samsung has it's own cable and I'm wondering if it's something special?  Anyone else been able to hook this up?



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  • You need a cable like this that allows the tablet to me the host and power the radio.

    I has the same issue.   A standard USB will not work. 


  • The OTG cable is just a full sized USB to Micro USB adapter.  No other cable is needed.  The Samsung SII is listed in the 'known working Andropilot devices', so it should work.

    What happens when you plug in the cable?  Does the phone give any indication that it knows the cable has been connected.   Also, do the red and green lights flash on your 3DR radio when it's connected?

    My Galaxy Note II has a message on top of the screen saying "USB connector connected"..  (It says this even if I plug in the OTG cable with nothing attached).   When I connect the 3DR radio, the radio lights begin flashing and Andropilot starts automatically.

    If you're getting no indication at all, and/or the radio lights aren't flashing, then you might have a bad cable.

  • I had a similar problem with an HTC Flyer. 

    It turned out that the HTC Flyer doesn't provide power on the USB OTG port. I had to rig up a small powered USB hub.

    The tell-tale symptom is that the 3DR radio LEDs don't light up when you plug it into the OTG cable.  If the LEDs do light up on the 3DR radio when you plug into the Galaxy SII, then you might have a different problem.  (There may also be a way to configure the Galaxy SII to supply power on the OTG port, but I was not able to find a way to do this with the HTC Flyer).

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