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GPS time from Andropilot

I have been using andropilot for a while now and like it as it seems to work for us, well done!

For the current job that I am doing, I need to synchronise my MAPIR camera clock with the APM GPS clock before each mission, is there a way to see what the

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I am having an issue trying to connect Andropilot to my quad.   I have tower services running and Droid planner 3 aka Tower and it works great.  Andropilot keeps looking for vehicle?  Are different service drivers needed for Andropilot?  I tried this

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Logging to internal memory?

First generation Asus 7 seems not to save any logs to internal memory and SDcard doesn't exist.

Does this mean that there is no option for logging with first generation Asus 7 tablet and Andropilot?

I have tried with save to SDcard option and also with

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Problem with initialization

Hi guys, I've a quadcopter with MegapirateNG 3.0.1 R4. I've connect with my quadcopter with AndroPilot before, everything was normal. But now, after an update, I'm not managing to connect with quadcopter, I connect the radio and it hangs on "Download

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I flew my octaquad three times today at different times, however only the last log file seems to have been saved.

Is there some setting somewhere that I need to change to make it save all the logs from the flights and not just the last one of the day?

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Warning Hold

I was out flying our octaquad yesterday and andropilot announced 'warning hold' a couple of times.

What is this warning me off, what is held? I can't find anything about it anywhere?

It has been suggested it is a fail safe warning, but the multicopter

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Hey peeps,
I am overwhelmed to be a part of this group.
But being a beginner to this world of drones,i do not have much knowledge about them,but would certainly like to study more about it.

I would be glad if any one of you would help me understand this

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