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Andropilot a few ideas

Hi, I have just got Andropilot working on my bixler2 APM2.5 and its amazing controlling everything with my nexus 7, credit due to you development guys.I would love to control my pan and tilt camera from Andropilot, would it be possible to add sliders

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Restart Mission from Andropilot


My mission in Auto takes off, WP and lands.

Is there a way from Andropilot that if its starting to land I can tell it to go again, basically aborting the landing and restart WP1

I heard there was a Restart in the PC MP but not sure if its in your

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Pre flight calibration

Sure Kevin, :)

The thing i meant is the sensor warming up problem.

It is related to a design flow of the hardware. (It should measure external temp, not "internal")

Like the barometric sensor is located on the main board, it heats up wit APM a bit.

But a

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Issue recognizing .txt files

Hi guys,

I am pretty new using this wounder full app. that I run in my Asus Transformer TF101.  Now in my first steps playing with missions, I prepare them in home using MP suite and save them in my tablet with the same format as in MP. The problem I

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Solar condition warning works

I'm a ham radio operator and I watch the solar indices regularly in order to know how the radio signals will behave..   I see today that coronal mass ejection just impacted the earth causing a G1 level storm. 

As soon as I plugged in my 3DR radio, I g

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