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Got started with a Walkera mini "Spacewalker" Octocopter... graduated to the Walkera Hoten-X ... and recently purchased a 3DR Hexacopter.



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Jim Townsend replied to Randy's discussion AC-3.1 autotune support discussion
"Here is a log of one of my excessively long tuning flights..  (I actually went down after 11 minutes because the battery pooped out..   I had my telemetry volume turned down and didn't hear the battery warning).
My frame is the standard Hex sold by …"
May 21, 2014
Jim Townsend replied to Randy's discussion AC-3.1 autotune support discussion
"I have a similar problem..  
I can only stay aloft for about 12 minutes before I have to start worrying about the battery.    I just did an autotune today for the fist time (I had zero wind).  My 3DR Hex behaved just like in the video at the…"
May 20, 2014
Jim Townsend replied to doug ducko's discussion loiter mode causes copter to drift away fast
"Yes..  Drifting is almost certainly a compass problem.  (Especially if it's a circular drift).   When I first flew my 3DR Hexacopter, (over a year ago now),  it was drifting in loiter and struggling to find waypoints.   Getting the APM away from the…"
Apr 17, 2014
Jim Townsend replied to Brit Davis's discussion We need a Log Manager like Flytrex
"I haven't looked at both in great detail, but  there is what appears to be a similar service for APM based logs..  http://www.droneshare.com/ 
I use the Ardupilot app on my Samsung tablet as a ground station when I fly.  The app can be configured to…"
Mar 31, 2014
Jim Townsend replied to Jim Townsend's discussion Anyone had a 3DR uBlox LEA-6 GPS fail?
"I never did get the bad one fixed.  It just died in its sleep never to work again..  I don't know if they can be repaired economically with all those micro surface mount components.  I never looked in to it.
The new one with the built in…"
Mar 23, 2014
Jim Townsend replied to CyberCrash's discussion Where did the POSITION mode go?
"I liked the position mode.   I used to think of it  as my 'periscope mode' and used it a lot.   I could put on my FPV goggles and send my Hex up straight overhead for a look around the neighborhood without having to worry about it drifting off.   …"
Mar 21, 2014
Jim Townsend replied to Mike Carr's discussion 3DR RTF 2013 Problems
"Yes..  The APM creates and stores dataflash logs in its internal memory for each flight...   Below is a link explaining how to extract them:

Mar 16, 2014
Jim Townsend replied to Jim Townsend's discussion Where does this 3DR Hex connector go?
"Ah.. OK, it all makes sense now.   I think I had it connected to the +/- rails on my receiver and I installed it on the receiver rather than on the APM because the APM was connected to the 3DR power module.
But everything seems to work without it,…"
Mar 5, 2014
Jim Townsend posted a discussion
I've got a 3DR Hex equipped with an APM2.6 and a Taranis X8R receiver. I took it apart a couple of months ago to go over things, check connections, and tidy  up the wiring.  It stayed apart because the Jan/Feb weather was horrible..  (-15 to -30C…
Mar 5, 2014
Jim Townsend posted a discussion
I just updated to MP 1.2.89 build 1.1.5097,10519I see that there is a time function on the far left column of the log browse screen now.  Mine doesn't seem to work.   I get "0001-01-00:00:00.000" in all the frames from start to finish.I've really…
Dec 17, 2013
Jim Townsend posted a discussion
I use a 3DR LEA-6 GPS receiver on my 3DR Hex.  It's connected to an APM2.5 running 3.0.1 firmware I always use telemetry and normally, I see 10 to 14 satellites.  If it's less, I usually wait a bit in order to acquire more before taking off.   When…
Dec 2, 2013
Jim Townsend posted a discussion
I put together an RC Timer 2 axis gimbal last night.  It uses this controller: http://www.rctimer.com/index.php?gOo=goodspic.dwt&goodsid=884It was a little fussy to tune, but got it working OK.   It's smooth, steady  and tracks well.  But, I noticed…
Nov 6, 2013
Jim Townsend replied to Fred LeFevre's discussion 3DR Quad - extend legs
"I've extended the legs of my 3DR Hex using 1/2 inch X 3/4 inch wood trim.  It fits perfectly between the fiber legs... Mine are permanently fastened with small wood screws.  (I keep my camera rig on all the time)... To make it more removable, you…"
Nov 5, 2013
Jim Townsend replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!
"Why is the folder QUADROTOR appearing in my /Windows/Program Files/Mission Planner/logs directory?
I've noticed that this folder started appearing a couple of MP versions ago...  In this folder is a subfolder called '1'..  In that are a few rlog and…"
Nov 1, 2013
Jim Townsend replied to Jim Townsend's discussion Geofence RTL Causes Pitching
"Just to keep things up to date for anyone who has a similar issue and comes across this thread in the future...
This was answered in another thread.  It turns out that because of the distance, the transmitter signal was marginal.. As a result it was…"
Oct 11, 2013
Jim Townsend replied to Kevin Hester's discussion New 1.9.01 & 1.9.02 Andropilot betas - you probably want these in Andropilot Users Group
"I have the new style 3DR radio and I think this will address the 'slow parameter download' issue I posted about.   I suspected that I was dropping packets... And, I often have to unplug the radio and plug it in again to get it to connect solidly. …"
Oct 11, 2013