3DR RTF 2013 Problems

Not sure what to do, I just got this last week and I am having issues. A couple of days ago it took off to one side and crashed and broke one of the legs. Today I was doing some basic hovering and again it took off, this time right at me. After getting 20 stitches I need to find out what is wrong. Where should I start to find the problem?

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    • This may be the case but I still want to know what happened, part of the learning process. The documentation is so scattered, should I read the wiki's (https://code.google.com/p/arducopter/) or docs on http://3drobotics.com/learn/? Or both, what is the latest? Also, there seems to be little documentation on how to pair and setup a transmitter. 

      It seems the lights on APM should be easier to see, on my 3DR RTF 2013 they are not that easy to see.

      I am now going to take some time to get my transmitter (Turnigy 9x) to display flight data, as well as find different battery connectors that are easier to take apart. 

      • copter.ardupilot.com is the primary source for documentation. Google code documentation is all deprecated.

  • I wasn't using APM Planner, just the remote. Are the logs stored in the Quad?
    • Yes..  The APM creates and stores dataflash logs in its internal memory for each flight...   Below is a link explaining how to extract them:


      • How do you download the logs if you were using Droidplanner2? 

      • Here are the logs of another day when it just took off.


      • This is what I was able to pull

        This came from APM Planner 2 (mac), I found Mission Planner provides all the logs. I will upload those once it is done downloading.


        • I hope someone can help me out. 


  • 3D Robotics

    Sorry to hear that! If you can post your logs here, I'll ask one of the experts to look at them and figure out what went wrong.

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