If you are an andropilot user you should probably upgrade, these are nicer than what you have ;-).

Much thanks to Glenn McLelland and Dar H for work debugging tricky problems.  This release is particularly important if you have new style 3dr radios (different fdti chip) or rctimer radios (which apparently drop a fair # of packets).

Also much progress on implementing Simons checklist proposal...

# 1.9.2
* The new style 3dr radios (shipped with Iris) would not be auto recognized by Andropilot on the first plug attempt (you had to plug them in a second time). Fixed.
* If you enable GCS scripting (alpha test) in the settings, you will now have a spiffy new user extensible checklist window (Simon's proposed layout - but most code not hooked up)

# 1.9.1
* Cope nicely with radios that are dropping many packets (thanks to Glenn McLelland for in depth debugging on this)
* Promptly send files to droneshare (if so configured)
* Static content is now served for the beginnings of user runnable checkists and vehicle control scripts. If you turn this feature on and go to http://localhost:4404/static/README.html you should get an interesting response ;-)
* Add support for simulating very high error rate links (crappy rctimer radios ;-))


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  • Hey Kevin, where is the webroot located on the android device? I want to start messing around with it.

  • I have the new style 3DR radio and I think this will address the 'slow parameter download' issue I posted about.   I suspected that I was dropping packets... And, I often have to unplug the radio and plug it in again to get it to connect solidly.  It will be nice not to have to deal with this issue.

    I'll post my findings after I try it.   (It will be a while..  It's raining today)

    Thanks for the update.

  • Moderator

    Me like, just flown the latest version no issues this side

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