Where did the POSITION mode go?

HI guys,

I just received my new APM2.6 + CRIUS LEA-6H GPS.

I flashed the newest version of the APM software (guess 3.12).

Everything works, except there isn't the POSITION mode any more.

Where is it?

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  • T3

    I miss it.  We have one switch for alt hold, another for position hold, and when you flip them both up the copter loiters.  (The position hold switch is a 3 position.  When you flip it up to the top position, it initiates auto.  The dial is used for initiating RTL.)  So I miss position hold, its loss really changes my setup.

  • PH 'is' Loiter without AltHold. Therefore would behave in the same 'restrictive' Manor.
    I can understand wanting direct altitude control, though your 'hands off' hold will not maintain alt. as it would in Loiter.
    Ascent/decent rates can be adjusted in MP providing faster climb/fall in Loiter.
    We all have our own preferences, I'm only trying to explain that with a bit of tweaking, you may be able to get the same 'feel' as PH in Loiter.
    Again, PositionHold 'IS' Loiter w/o AltHold.
    Increase Loiter speeds and reduce deadband on throttle. Should be pretty close.

    • I guess we have to make do...

      Strangely, the wiki still offers PH as an option. So I still have hope this is just a bug.

      • I think there the new hybrid mode that might make it into the next release will do what you are looking for.  It is about the same as the NAZA GPS mode.  No stick inputs equals loiter type performance, and when stick input is recieved I think it goes back to stability mode performance.  There is a thread about it somewhere on here!

  • Not sure what happened to it but many are wondering where it went.
    I don't understand the need for Position Hold mode, I have never used it. Loiter achieves the same result, doesn't it? It holds position and provides altitude control via throttle.
    Yes, in PH mode you would have more direct control of alt. but changing Loiter rates 'could' get you where you want to be.
    am I missing something? What is the benefit of Position Hold over other modes?
    • I used PH as a safe net in case I came to close to an obsticle.

      Ph allowed for free flight experience with the option to just let go of the stick and the copter will stop and hold position.

      Loiter restricts my movents and I don't want alt hold. Also the change in hight is way too slow during flights with enabled Loiter.

      • I liked the position mode.   I used to think of it  as my 'periscope mode' and used it a lot.   I could put on my FPV goggles and send my Hex up straight overhead for a look around the neighborhood without having to worry about it drifting off.   

        It's been a long cold winter so I haven't flown since 'position' was removed.  I hope I have the same degree of control in loiter.

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