I put together an RC Timer 2 axis gimbal last night.  It uses this controller: http://www.rctimer.com/index.php?gOo=goodspic.dwt&goodsid=884

It was a little fussy to tune, but got it working OK.   It's smooth, steady  and tracks well.  But, I noticed that the large motor driver chips on the controller circuit board get hot.  After about 10 seconds they're so hot that I can't hold my finger on them.   (I'm using a 3 cell battery.. It's supposed to be able to take a 4 cell).

Is this heat normal, or do I need a new controller, or do I need to tweak something?  

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when you are flying you get air over them to keep them cool. 

Ah.. Good..  We're heading into winter here so the board should be kept nice and cool.  (I fly in temps as low as -30C :)


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