3DR RTF 2013 Problems

Not sure what to do, I just got this last week and I am having issues. A couple of days ago it took off to one side and crashed and broke one of the legs. Today I was doing some basic hovering and again it took off, this time right at me. After getting 20 stitches I need to find out what is wrong. Where should I start to find the problem?

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  • Thanks for everyone's input, I am learning a lot more about this Quad as we go.

  • After looking over your hardware, I would suggest creating a test jig...you can use some short lengths of paracord and tent stakes to anchor your copter to the ground.  This will let you throttle up without the fear of it coming at you again.  Once you can get it hovering successfully, and repeatedly, you can move ahead and remove the jig and let it fly.  Also, while you are using the jig, and you have a camera that can shoot video at a relatively high frame-rate, record your test flights as it can be a great way to replay something that may have happened.

  • Here is what I see in your logs...


    Frame 1) You at the edge of the field.

    Frame 2) You took off in Loiter mode and loitered a bit. (Orange Lines)

    Frame 3) You flipped into Stability mode (Yellow), and it went to the left, maybe it doesn't know what level is?

    Frame 4)  If hit FailSAFE_Fence and did an RTL (Green).

    Frame 5) I don't know if you interrupted RTL, or just took off again in Stabilized mode (Blue) but at that time, it had a bunch of throttle (I think) so I'm guessing while it was RTLing, you were messing with the controls like WTF is happening?   (This is just a guess).   It clearly got pointed North (right at you) and when you went into stabilized mode, off it went in your direction...

    It's not clear why to me, maybe it doesn't know what level is, maybe it's not calibrated properly, maybe you just lost orientation for a minute?   All of this is just a guess.   Does any of it sound close?

    Someone smarter than I may get more from the logs than I did.


    • You nailed it pretty well, I need to get used to Google Earth a bit. Why would it come after me in stabilized mode?

      • My guess would be because when you fly nose out tail/back in you are used to pushing the stick forward to get the copter to fly away from you.  So when it was RTL and pointing at you, you took over manual control by switching modes.  Pushing forward on the stick now increases the speed the copter flies at you because it is pointed 180 degrees from its original orientation.  In that orientation you would have needed to pull the stick aft on the transmitter to get the copter to slow and or fly away from you.  It is very common when learning to fly rc to have this happen.  It takes a very very long time to get used to flying in all orientations and not making a mistake.  One day it will click and it wont matter what orientation you are in, you can fly the copter any direction you want.  A simulator is invaluable for learning orientations.  On my single rotor helicopter I practice almost daily both upright and inverted to keep my skills up. 

      • I'm not saying it came 'after you', I'm just saying it just happened to be pointed in your direction.    Either one of the motors was slipping, which I find OD, it seemed to RTL and fly just fine just fine in RTL.

        All I'm saying is that at the time, when it was in Failsafe, and switched into Stabilized mode, there was a bunch of throttle, at least that's my take and I could be wrong.


        I am not smart enough to be able to tell if:

        - your failsafe is set up properly.

        - That you didn't just panic and give it a bunch of input.   Believe me, I know how fast things can deteriorate, I've crashed my copter plenty of times where it was simply inexperienced pilot error.

        Welcome to multi-rotors, where crashing is common[tm] until you get lots and lots of stick time.   I would never recommend something as large as a 3DR Quad for anyone to cut their teeth on.    Get a small indoor flier like a Blade Nano QX (they are $89 RTF) and get HOURS of stick time before you fly a larger quad outdoors.   

        Stuff happens FAST....   Usually none of it good.


        • I do have one of these mini's and I do have many hours logged, perhaps my comfort with the smaller ones has made me complacent with the larger one.

          I do think it was one of the props slipping.

          • Fair enough, but it was oriented towards you after RTL, that's pretty clear in the log.   I think probably a combination of things, but I think you unintentionally gave it some throttle in addition to what was happening, prop-wise or other.

            That's actually not a bad plan usually, gaining altitude is a good recovery strategy, usually, unless as in your case that only accelerates it in your direction. :)

            Glad you got stitched up and for the most part are OK.


            • I remember bringing it up and hovering and switch modes to RTL, then POW, oh s$%^t!

              As another user pointed out that there may have been some issue with one of the props, I took a look and one of them looks odd, not like the others and the exact one the user pointed out.

              This motor looks stripped and beat up compared to the others which is what another user pointed out, my guess is that the prop was slipping.3702864272?profile=original

              When I took the props off the rest looked like this.


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    What is the model of your 3DR Multicopter and what is the version of the firmware loaded on the Flight Controller?


    TCIII Admin

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