Boston, MA

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Dev, photog, and vidiot living and working in Boston, MA.

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Use UAV's as a stable platform for aerial photography/videography when we can't bring in the big helicopter.


Boston, MA

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Sean Tierney posted a discussion
I am looking to have some aerial photography / videography work done in the Naples Florida area next week (yes, short notice I know).  If you or someone you know has the capabilities to fly a full DSLR for multiple flights in the same day please…
Feb 25, 2015
Sean Tierney posted a photo
A custom HEX build based around an APM 2.6 as the FC, Tarot frame, and a fully stabilized DSLR gimbal.
Jan 16, 2015
Sean Tierney posted a photo
Just finished building up a new custom Tarot 680 Pro
Sep 21, 2014
Sean Tierney replied to Brian Pratt's discussion I'm so stuck. Can't test motors, can't arm motors.
"So here is what I would try, the steps have helped me in the past:

Take the APM out of the loop and test each motor and ESC group on their own connected to the receiver and power.  Once you are sure that everything is functioning properly we can…"
Aug 12, 2014
Sean Tierney replied to Steven McAdam's discussion Joystick in Mission Planner?
"I successfully flew one of my quads indoors using a joystick over mavlink radios.  I didn't notice any issues or latency once I dialed in all of the settings.
I was running it on windows 7."
Jul 30, 2014
Sean Tierney replied to Luis Vale Gonçalves's discussion Unobtanium magic foam
"I am not 100% sure what type of foam they supply with the PixHawk, but I have had great results with reducing vibration to the flight controllers using this stuff:

Jul 23, 2014
Sean Tierney replied to Adam Gray's discussion Question about finding an airframe/kit/body similar to the C-Astral C4EYE
Jul 23, 2014
Sean Tierney replied to Andrew Collins's discussion Getting an affordable 3D Printer? in 3D Printing Drone Parts
"I have mostly been printing small items: GPS mast mounts, hex spacers, plastic bushings, boom caps...things like that.  Things that are inexpensive but may cost a lot to order online and I cannot find in local stores or if I need them [relatively]…"
Jul 17, 2014
Sean Tierney replied to Andrew Collins's discussion Getting an affordable 3D Printer? in 3D Printing Drone Parts
"I went with the Flash Forge 3D Printer Creator:


Dual head feed, lots of great features and the price has dropped nearly $200 in the last couple…"
Jul 16, 2014
Sean Tierney replied to Harry Stuart's discussion Really need help with Turnigy 9x Battery
"If you don't already have one, you should grab an adapter like this one to cover all of your battery charging needs:


It should cover most of the adapters that you are looking…"
Jul 16, 2014
Sean Tierney replied to Casey Nelan's discussion Hiding "BAD Compass Health"
"Here is where you want to look to see about disabling certain checks, or all for that matter, when booting up the APM:
Jul 1, 2014
Sean Tierney replied to Frank Bernd's discussion Flying in the USA
"Here is the link to the Grand Canyon site:


I did not see anything for them specifically in the announcements or FAQ about flying there.  It was recently announced that individual parks had an 18 month window to…"
Jun 22, 2014
Sean Tierney posted photos
Jun 12, 2014
Sean Tierney posted a photo
The new extra large hex frame is nearly done...will be used to carry DSLR cameras on a 3d gimbal.
Jun 10, 2014
Sean Tierney replied to Sean Tierney's discussion Controlling Arducopter using Leap
"I have had some basic luck...I am having issues getting the leap to fully control the helicopter.  I am basically having it report itself as a joystick but I am having throttle issues"
Jun 10, 2014
Sean Tierney left a comment on Boston, MA
"Hey all, I have started a meetup group in Boston for UAV/Drone pilots.  We have our first meetup coming up on June 25th so if anyone is interested, check it out here - http://www.meetup.com/Boston-UAV-Drone-Builders/"
Jun 9, 2014