Unobtanium magic foam

I tried to get a spare set of the foam that 3DR supplies to mount the PixHawk, and this is 3DR Customer Support reply:
We apologize for the inconvenience but we have this foam custom made for us so we are not able to provide you with an alternative of this.

I'm sure it's made of unobtanium coated with magic dragon scales......

I know there are other alternatives but that specific foam gave the best anti vibration results....

Anyone know of the next best solution....because I'm not in the mood of buying another PixHawk, just for the foam pads.....

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  • Personally, I'm a huge fan of J-10 anti-vibration jelly. It's great adhesive and it does an amazing job of removing nuisance vibrations. It's a bit expensive, but for mounting gyros and stuff you don't need much and it's easy to re-use.

    Should also point out that I gain nothing by mentioning this product, I'm just a fan of it.

  • try this... worked magic on mine, but I am out now, so th vibes are back.... need to get more too ;)

  • When I was asked to repair someone's toughbook laptop, I noticed that the hard drive was lined with some special vibration & shock foam....So I snipped a few pieces off and sealed it back up :)

    My quad now loiters like it's been pinned to a point in the sky.

    To top it off, inside the toughbook is a piece/pad of white gel which I used for my camera mount anti-vibration. Those laptop repair jobs are like the gift that keeps on giving :) :) :)

    • re-purposing ear plugs might be better than butchering other peoples laptops. You can get the Brussels sprout flavoring off them with detergent (or just use new ones).

      • The 3DR foam blows away earplugs.  I went on the 3M website and they have nothing like it for sale. 3DR could sell the stuff for a  good profit.


        David R. Boulanger

  • I am not 100% sure what type of foam they supply with the PixHawk, but I have had great results with reducing vibration to the flight controllers using this stuff:

    • Thanks

      Already tried that (I had 2 packs from my 450 Heli) and the diference for the 3DR foam is almost double the measured vibration on the same hexa platform. That's why I tried to buy some from 3DR....

      • Fortunately, someone higher at 3DR stepped up and I've managed to get some unobtanium foam :)

        • 3DR should sell the foam in the store.  I just switched over to a Pixhawk and that foam is amazing for vibrations.  My old APM is going to go on another airframe and it would be great to use that material.

          3DR are you going to start selling the foam separately????


          David R. Boulanger

          • Seconded.  The only reason I could see for not selling it would be if it were a trade secret.  But then you most likely wouldn't see 3M on it.

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