I have a new Arducopter running 2.9.1 that flew a few times after being put together.  It started bucking wildly in flight and now won't take off, it just flips over.

Has anyone ever seen this?  I have checked my connections, calibrated the ESC's a number of times, set the compass, but it still wants to take off and flip over backwards...if I give it a little throttle the front end picks up long before the back.

I can compensate with controls but it never used to do this.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Flip at take off usually means a prop rotation problem or APM position. Recheck prop rotation and APM position. Do you have any logs? Also check your frame type, X or +. If your APM is set for X and you level as +, you get an instant flip.
I have experienced two cases of flip over during take off even the connections and settings look good. First, the gyro is damaged after crash, if you connect to MP and find the artificial horizon doing weird thing, that could be the problem. Second, it happens today, after flip over, i check everything is normal except the wire to optical flow sensor's ground is disconnected. After I connect it back, the copter fly very well.

APM is facing forward, checked prop rotation numerous times, set for X type.  What do you mean by "level"...in the mission planner?  I have done that numerous times as well.  I have read of another way to level the copter with the battery plugged in...hold left yaw for ~20 seconds...is that right?

I don't remember the artificial horizon doing weird things but I will certainly have a look to see if that is happening.  I have checked all of the wires..to the point of disconnecting everything and attaching it all again.

I can fly the helicopter but with serious stick manipulation, it just won't take off any more.

Is there a hard reset back to factory that I can do and then try updating all of my software again?

Sorry about the 'level' I should have said 'set to'. Basically you need to have your APM and MP set to the same, either + or X. To reset everything, go to the command line type setup and then type erase and reset. You should make a copy of parameters if you want to save them. Then reload the firmware and redo all the configs again.
Good luck,

So after testing and re-testing the propeller directions, calibrating the ESC's, leveling, etc. I finally went the route of a hard reset and re-installed the system.  I then went about manually testing and calibrating everything via the CLI.

Long story short...the copter is in the air again and working like a champ.  I also came across a helpful tip to always disarm and level from the remote when I am done flying.

Thank you for all of the help from the awesome community here.

Up next, upgrading to a hex as we can't life enough video/camera gear with a quad.

is there any repair I can do to the gyro if this is the case? I am having this same problem and on the MP the artificial horizon is doing weird things!

Once you have gyro damage there is not a lot you can do except order a new board.

Had it happen a couple of times after crashing.

If you think you internal gyro/magnetometer is broken I saw external add-on units that you could try. Not sure if there is a performance issue but it might be cheaper than a whole new unt.

Sean: Glad you were able to get everything resolved! Thanks for sharing your lessons. 

I intend to write up a full set of build and tuning instructions (with pics) from a builders point of view to help answer some of the questions that I had, and that others might also have.

Sean, could you please explain this again, see below between " "? I have exactly same issue as you, I did repeat many of your steps, not success on the last 2 weeks... My artificial is not looking weird.

I really want to fly again...

Explain this in more details or maybe some other hints.

Also I would like to know how do you test the Gyro.

Should be at some moment something which declick the fix...

"always disarm and level from the remote when I am done flying"

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