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  • Hey all, I have started a meetup group in Boston for UAV/Drone pilots.  We have our first meetup coming up on June 25th so if anyone is interested, check it out here - http://www.meetup.com/Boston-UAV-Drone-Builders/

  • Just got some good press about my multi copter drones being used for good - In our office, drones allow our team to capture images and create visualizations in order to more effectively market real estate. Details and drone footage in this Quartz article http://qz.com/168197/how-drones-democratize-videography-and-help-se...
  • I would be interested in doing some indoor flying and trying out my new quad.
    Also would like to meet and pick the brains of local flyers.
  • If anyone else is interested, I could set something up at our offices in the city...we have tall ceilings and an area with a padded floor that we might be able to test fly some copters...planes are a different story.
  • I am

  • Looking to possibly get a build session together over the winter months...anyone interested?

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