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Jonathan Brodie posted a discussion
I'm trying to help a friend setup a rover (really a hovercraft). Please help me understand the diffence between steer 2 servo and heading 2 steer settings.Are they two nested PIDS? when setting them what is each used for?Thank you, I can't find any…
Aug 12, 2014
Jonathan Brodie left a comment on Boston, MA
"I am"
Dec 12, 2013
Jonathan Brodie posted a discussion in 3D Printing Drone Parts
I really don't like the landing gear that comes with the 3DR quad.I have three major gripes:1. it's too stiff, anything like a hard landing and something on it breaks2. The standoffs wich seem to be disposable are impossible to find, except for DIY…
Jun 30, 2013
Jonathan Brodie replied to Miles Smith's discussion Tips for first time 3D Printer Builder? in 3D Printing Drone Parts
"Not sure if you got your printer up and going. I suggest PLA. ABS was a pain and smells bad in my apartment. PLA lays down well and is still very strong if you design for manufacture. "
Jun 30, 2013
Jonathan Brodie replied to AndyMck's discussion Quads climbs and keeps going when set to althold
"I also had this problem this weekend. I wasn't tethered but putting it into stabilize resulted in zero throttle. I was able crash land without too much damage. I'm a little scared to fly again until I can get an answer.

Sorry I can't help andrew"
Feb 20, 2013
Jonathan Brodie posted a discussion
HiI just tried to test fly my quad-c frame for the first time. The result was less than great, every attempt I could make caused the copter to instantly flip over and crash, finally breaking a prop on my third attempt. I tried to follow all of the…
Jan 13, 2013
Jonathan Brodie posted a discussion
Such a stupid newb move!!So i'm assembling my quadcopter, I think i'm already to calibrate ESC, when I connect the battery all of a sudden all four ESC's are smoking. I got the battery disconnected quickly after that. The LiPo was warm but not…
Dec 31, 2012