Replacement landing gear for the #DR quad

I really don't like the landing gear that comes with the 3DR quad.I have three major gripes:

1. it's too stiff, anything like a hard landing and something on it breaks

2. The standoffs wich seem to be disposable are impossible to find, except for DIY drones

3. Its mounted by screws in shear, this is a huge engineering no no. It bothers me. Also because theres a bunch of slop in the holes the landing gear flops around a lot, this adds another variable to accelerometer calibration. 

So i made this landing gear, I have yet to test it because of a bent propshaft but i can bend it by hand pretty far. The trick was to optimize the thickness of the part for my nozzle. basically there should be no infill on the cantilever beam. If do not see four passes tweak the layer height. It was made for 0.5mm nozzle at .3mm layer height, but i think i need to use .31 to get slic3r to cooperate. 

I'm too lazy to take a picture right now, so i've shown the cad. 


Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 11.43.20 AM.png

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