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AndyMck posted a discussion in Andropilot Users Group
Hi, thanks for this fantastic app.i have been experiencing an issue when running FPV, the OSD on the monitor keeps disappearing followed by a notification 'requesting datastreams'.  It then loops between the OSD and the 'requesting datastream'…
May 1, 2013
AndyMck posted a discussion
Hi, my 3DR quad ( purchased RTF from udrones ) shows an altitude of > 50m when at ground level.  I have only noticed this since upgrading from 2.9 to 2.9.1.... Anyone any ideas why this might be?The quad is fitted the 3DR GPS....and on last attempt…
Feb 9, 2013
AndyMck posted a discussion
Hi, I purchased a RTF quad from udrones.com which came preconfigured running 2.9.  So far i have only been using it in the garden performing simple test flights and getting the feel for it.  I have it tethered at all times to a cord of about 5m.A…
Feb 3, 2013