Quads climbs and keeps going when set to althold

Hi, I purchased a RTF quad from udrones.com which came preconfigured running 2.9.  So far i have only been using it in the garden performing simple test flights and getting the feel for it.  I have it tethered at all times to a cord of about 5m.

A couple of times i have tested switching from stabilise to althold and each time the quad gains height and appears to be intent on going up and away but as its tethered  a flyaway is avoided ( tho the snag on the tether usually results in it falling abruptly to the ground ).  Lost a couple of propellers and an arm so far but no big deal.

I had thought getting a RTF would ensure that the setup would be good and such problems would be avoided.  But I guess i was wrong.  The other issue i have is that the quad is far from stable, drifts a lot.  

Appreciate any help in identifying if this is a hardware issue, a setup issue or if its down to the software and similar to other flyaway issues described by other users or if its just user error!

I have attached a log file of the last flight, switched to althold in the last few moments.



2013-02-03 16-26-53.tlog

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  • When you say the quad drifts, I assume you mean side to side?  They generally will pull to one side when you first start flying.  To fix this, try this:

    - with your copter connected to the mission planner, run the level command from the CLI while your copter is on a PERFECTLY level surface

    - also be sure to calibrate your ESC's so that they are all working at the same rate, I prefer the manual method, more involved but I see better results

    - in a completely wind free area (gym, big room) fly your helicopter in auto trim mode, this will allow your copter to learn its CG and adjust, there are directions in the wiki on this

    As for the alt hold issue, you need to set your copter at the altitude you want manually and then, with no up or down motion, switch to alt hold.  If you are rising or falling at the time you switch to alt hold, the copter will keep moving in the direction as it locks in the trottle to a short band.

  • Did you get his resolved as i am having the same issue. The quad gains height on alt hold.
    Yesterday I spent £170 on new motors and props thinking it could be a vibration issue, however after changing them it still climbs :(
    I darent try the return to home feature until this is resolved.
  • Andrew

    Don't think that Quad was preconfigured. There is no such thing here as preconfigured.

    They just build the frame connect the APM and receiver and see that connections are okay.


    You have to go through the wiki and do all the calibration routines yourself and necessary parameters

    yourself. I have bought mine Hex including each option and thinking that its been calibrated and first flight

    with just 10% throttle it went full power. In Auto mode take off was like as if a rocket was launched to 100 Meters

    and I have suffered several crashes bought spares worth over 500$ and still I cant say its perfect.


    The good thing here is that guys here are very good and they try and guide you well.

    Take your time and go though the manuals and go though all the params and set them for your needs.

    and I am quite sure we would have a good time ahead.

    Don't forget to set throttle curve in your TX to avoid surprises till you master control. They are inhibited when they come from udrones. Mine is Spektrum DX-8





  • I also had this problem this weekend. I wasn't tethered but putting it into stabilize resulted in zero throttle. I was able crash land without too much damage. I'm a little scared to fly again until I can get an answer.

    Sorry I can't help andrew

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