Does anyone have any advice or tricks to getting a nice stable, location static flight at 150 feet up?  FPV doesn't seem to provide enough information as to whether the helicopter is drifting to any great degree as we are basically looking at the horizon.  We are currently using a tether hanging down from the copter but there is still a lot of drift to try and counter.

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Isn't this what Loiter mode is for?

It doesn't work within the tolerances that we need, it wanders a little too much to shoot a 360 degree pano image.  I didn't know if there was another way that other people had tried.

What do you need? Mine stays within 20cm or so on a windless day.  Suffers from buffeting in wind but there yo go... 

Could you give us details of your rig please.

What board?

What GPS?

What FW?

What tuning you have done?

Machine size?

Number of motors?



In loiter mode we get a drift of maybe 20cm to 50cm as Crispin stated.

What sort of drift accuracy are you after?

At 150ft you won't hold it any more accurate than that in manual mode.

So I had a spare (new in the wrapper) APM sitting in my work bench and I decided to give it a try running 3.0...night and day performance.  There must be something wrong with my old APM as the copter took off straight up, which it has never done, and would just sit with a steady throttle and not wasn't even in loiter or position hold.

Guess I will save the old APM for testing and acrobatics.  Thanks for the feedback everybody.

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