Getting an affordable 3D Printer?

Hey guys.
I'm really new to this whole 3D printer thing, however I'm interested in buying one actually. After searching around for models, types etc,
there was one in particular that cought my eye, which i found here:

Guys do you have any suggestions if this is worth it? If not could you share your thoughts where would you look / buy from?
Thanks in advance! <3

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  • Hi ,

    I was one of Crafbot Indigogo campaign owners and went to Budapest in December 2015 to pickup the printer because I talked to the guys of Crafbot to become distributor in my country , finally i didn't.

    Crafbot  is a good product but since I need to print only with ABS, and did not want to loos etime to find the right settings ,  I decided to sell it , (at an higher price than what I paid it in the campaign) and bought a M200 Zortrax.

    Zortrax officially prints only ABS , it cost a lot, around 2000$  but is a "print and forget" product.


  • metal is not alltime better. Its same like in plastic case, all time depend on quality of parts and assembling.

    Plastic on right place absorbate lot of vibrations etc .... each solution have some - and some + ;-)

  • I'd look at printrbot simple metal.  

    It's proven, there are a million kickstarter/indiegogo 3d printers, but you don't know how good they are until they hit market, and many are disappointing.  

    Printrbot is probably the best of the low-cost options, the metal simple seems to be a really good choice.  


  • if you want watch my pages DROEN SOLUTION LTD on facebook ;-)

    Im autor of 3d printers DS EVIL FORGE and DS GREEN DRGON.

    All my drones are printed on those printers ;-)

    Resolution 3 microns ( 333 steps/mm !!! ) ;-) and speed up to 200mm/s

    printable space 20x20x25 cm is realy big ;-)

    and price is realy friendly  ( evil forge - 799e  )

    Printer is tested with PLA,ABS,PC,PETG,PVA,NYLON,TPU,TPE

    Hotedn is our FULL METALL HOTEND, actve cooled, so can work up to 450 celsius ;-)

    with some questions feel free to contact me on ;-)

    you can print realy big hulls ;)


    Drone Solution LTD
    Drone Solution LTD. 245 likes. Drone Solution LTD is company developing technologies for 3Dprinting and Drones.
  • I bought the Solidoodle 4 (the black, newest one) for 999, this week they dropped it to 699 on their website, and 599 Refurbished. I think their dropping what would be a more expensive printer to meet market pricing. They have exellent support and Highly recommend the 599 solidood 4 refurbished. It is there newest ones, has a built in roll holder on back, and a heating pad. Oh and it prints 8 X 8 X 8. The only problem I have is getting small pieces to initially stick...Other then that it's childs plate. Oh and get Kapton tape. They sell it in rolls or 8x8 sheets on amazon. Oh and this printer will do ABS or PLA or Really with the right extruder anything. Ive started putting a dab of cynogen hobby glue down and that seems to keep it in place just fine. Good Luck!

  • Ive been going back and forth between the simple metal ($599) and the Davinci ($529) bot from Amazon  and  both are Amazon Prime which means free second day air shipping and easy returns. 

    I was going to go with the simple...but In Comparisons they always rate the Davinci Higher (even ones that rate affordability the same). I mean simple has been around, but there is no hot plate stock, and your going to be printing PLA only which isnt as strong as ABS (Can anyone confirm that)

    The Davinci has a hot plate....a slightly bigger print area.....and does abs or PLA. Sure you have to use there cartridges instead of spools, but there the same price anyways! So What do you guys think? My friend just got a Solidoodle and Im not impressed AT ALL. So which to get? At least I can return them fairly easily with amazon prime. The Davinci clearly wins in features, and the reviews are saying its more accurate. its also the new guy so IDK. Anyways those are the 2 I think are the best for the price...... Also Ive never printed without a hotplate, but even then I still had warping.

    • T3

      For ABS vs. PLA:

      PLA is easier to learn to print with and is easy to get up and running. It doesn't really smell, is biodegradable (if you care), and is more forgiving when you start to learn to print. However, it has a lower melting point so leave a print in the car in the summer and it will de-laminate and/or may melt. It's more brittle but just easier all around.

      ABS smells, isn't biodegradable, and is harder to work with and get settings right. On the converse, its higher melting point makes it last longer in heat and is also less brittle. Some people are uber concerned about the ABS fumes while you print and its effect on health but some aren't as concerned.

      I had an original Simple and really liked it. You can always upgrade it and print ABS with it too. The auto-leveling function they have now is very nice and it's fairly easy to get printing with. I really like it.

      I took a look at the Da Vinci and it looks really nice and seems easier to just start printing with. I don't know how open source it is and how easy it is to tinker with though, while the Simple is fine in both respects.

      With either printer, don't assume you'll be able to upload a file and just print and always come out with a perfect print like your ink jet. With either, you're going to have to work with it and keep it calibrated.

      Personally, I would say buy direct from Printrbot because then you'll have their aftermarket support. They also have replacements and have been around for a while. I have had two of their printers and have been very happy with them, granted I only have one of them now as I sold the other. The upgrades and replacement parts will probably be something to think about down the road.

      I do like how the Da Vinci is enclosed but unless you're in a drafty room, I don't think it will be that much of an issue.

  • I went with the Flash Forge 3D Printer Creator:!product/prd2/1102918641/creator%2B2-rolls-filaments%2B1-sd-card%2Bfree-shipping

    Dual head feed, lots of great features and the price has dropped nearly $200 in the last couple of weeks.  I have had great success with it printing parts for my rigs.

    • I would go for Flasgforge's  3D printer Finder. Although it can only print PLA , it is suitable for the beginner as it is stable during printing and the price is quite low.

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