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Jay Bryon commented on Collette Gregory's blog post Velodyne $50 U.S "Breakthrough" Solid State Lidar
"Fortunately the modern units that I've seen have addressed the interference issue with their more sophisticated signal processing approach.  Using what amounts to an encryption and/or deliberately unique signature which is then analyzed by the…"
Dec 15, 2016
Jay Bryon replied to Andrew Collins's discussion Getting an affordable 3D Printer? in 3D Printing Drone Parts
"I'd look at printrbot simple metal.  
It's proven, there are a million kickstarter/indiegogo 3d printers, but you don't know how good they are until they hit market, and many are disappointing.  
Printrbot is probably the best of the low-cost…"
Aug 31, 2016
Jay Bryon replied to Keith Laepple's discussion 3D printed drones without wires/solder! in 3D Printing Drone Parts
"So the nanotubes are at a scale so small that there is no structural fiber to speak of.  
For low current applications and shielding this is very interesting, but for high power brushless motors where you're pulling major amps, the…"
Jun 13, 2016
Jay Bryon replied to Keith Laepple's discussion 3D printed drones without wires/solder! in 3D Printing Drone Parts
"Hi Keith,
I see you're using CF as your conductive element, have you done nozzle erosion testing?  

I'm quite interested in the filament, and look forward to seeing what you have coming up in the future.  My only concern is that the CF might result…"
Jun 10, 2016
Jay Bryon replied to Noah Dalton's discussion Drone Clearing Snow off Solar Panels
"Was just thinking about other possibilities to solve the problem, and thought about silicone spray.  Spray the panels with silicone and see if the snow just slides off.  It works for snow shovels.   "
Aug 29, 2015
Jay Bryon posted a blog post
Interesting idea, small deliveries adding up where large ones would be shot down.  These are Pixhawk-powered fixed-wing UAVs.From the BBC:How do you deliver food and medicine to people in an area where a cargo plane would be shot down? It was a…
Apr 24, 2015
Jay Bryon replied to Christian's discussion UDP tunnel from groundstation via telemetry through pixhawk to companion computer? in PIXHAWK
"If you're doing a console session, I'd use TCP, not UDP.  Chattier, but if it's just a console session not a big deal unless things are totally marginal anyway.  And that avoids pain and suffering of dropped/mangled characters in a command line…"
Apr 7, 2015
Jay Bryon replied to Scott Reid's discussion Dual Extrusion in 3D Printing Drone Parts

Once I get my craptastic replicator running again I'll have to see if I can get it to do this as well. Possibly the first use of dualstrusion that actually has some use!"
Feb 2, 2015
Jay Bryon commented on Gerard Toonstra's blog post Redesigning multirotor ESC's
"This sounds like a great project, I might suggest going to an alternate crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo.  Most folks don't care which you use, Dragon innovations is another one that might be appropriate.  
I can't ethically use kickstarter…"
Oct 22, 2014
Jay Bryon commented on Jonathan Meringer's blog post Hobbyist Friendly, Autonomous Drone...
"Do you have a mailing list for updates?  I'd like to keep in the loop for your flying minion.  Any idea as to MSRP yet?"
Oct 8, 2014
Jay Bryon replied to Andrew Collins's discussion Getting an affordable 3D Printer? in 3D Printing Drone Parts
"I've had a makerbot (dear god dont!) and have been surveying the field for various options.  
There are a LOT of players right now, many of whom do not know what they're doing, so a real track record is important.
If you're looking for a cheap…"
Jul 16, 2014
Jay Bryon replied to Kate's discussion GoPro with IRIS in IRIS
"Generally the approach I've seen (but not tried myself yet) is to have the gopro feed video to a FPV setup on a different band.  900Mhz or 1.2Ghz or even 5Ghz (although looking out for harmonic interference would be wise in any case, regardless of…"
Jun 26, 2014
Jay Bryon replied to Serge Gonzales's discussion Be careful with loose connectors of non 3DR GPS units in ArduPlane User Group
"Sounds like going back to servo connectors (aka .1" pins) should be considered, despite the bulk.  
Or Solder through hole terminals, less convenient but still a comparative gold standard for reliability.  "
Jun 11, 2014
Jay Bryon commented on Jesper Andersen's blog post In a tight spot - Where would you land?
"This is fascinating, and not just for drones either.  I'm currently training for my PPL, so if this gets to the point of being operational and fine-tunable for larger aircraft, particularly finding clear spaces large enough for, say, a Cessna 172…"
May 6, 2014
Jay Bryon commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post HummingBoard, The Vastly More Powerful Raspi
"After reading the comments on hackaday, I'm putting a big WHOA on this.  Sounds like the company is a bit shortsighted, and it's another shiny object full of disappointment.  "
Apr 24, 2014
Jay Bryon replied to William's discussion Update.... really?
"1) This stuff is not certified-grade aviation, where *everything* is tested ad nauseam, and certified mechanics are maintaining those systems.  Apples and oranges.  

2) Saying "Nothing is wrong with recent updates" is a blanket statement, which…"
Apr 16, 2014