I would like to connect a 433MHz module directly to the telemetry port of the pixhawk and a companion computer (raspberry) to another port of the pixhawk.

However, i would like to have a UDP connection from the ground station to the companion computer to run a simple and slow console connection.
Therefore, this UDP or TCP connection must be tunneled somehow through the pixhawk.
On the ground station i would like to run Mission Planner to control the pixhawk and a console to control the companion computer.
Both connections must run over the UHF telemetry link.
See also attached picture.

Is there a way to have a UDP tunnel through the PixHawk parallel to the MavLink communication?
What steps or changes have to be done on the ground station, on the PixHawk and on the companion computer to make this work?

I assume, this will not work out of the box, so there must be at least changes to be done in the pixhawk firmware?
Thanks for all hints!

PS: I know that it would be much easier to do this the other way round: Telemetry to the companion computer and mavlink tunnel through companion computer to pixhawk.
BUT i dont want to rely on the companion computer.
I still want to control the pixhawk from the ground, even if the companion computer hangs or is shutdown.3691194594?profile=original

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  • If you're doing a console session, I'd use TCP, not UDP.  Chattier, but if it's just a console session not a big deal unless things are totally marginal anyway.  And that avoids pain and suffering of dropped/mangled characters in a command line environment.  

    Interesting concept, but it might be easier to just have a separate RF link to the Rpi, on a different band, i.e. zigbee 900Mhz, unless you're using that for something else.  

    If you get it to work, definitely post it!  

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