Getting an affordable 3D Printer?

Hey guys.
I'm really new to this whole 3D printer thing, however I'm interested in buying one actually. After searching around for models, types etc,
there was one in particular that cought my eye, which i found here:

Guys do you have any suggestions if this is worth it? If not could you share your thoughts where would you look / buy from?
Thanks in advance! <3

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    • Sean, which parts are you thinking of printing? I have been contemplating doing the same but have been unimpressed with any of the durability of the parts for anything much other than size and fit...

    • I have mostly been printing small items: GPS mast mounts, hex spacers, plastic bushings, boom caps...things like that.  Things that are inexpensive but may cost a lot to order online and I cannot find in local stores or if I need them [relatively] quickly.  I am going to try printing a motor mount to see if it will stand up to the vibrations and use on a small quad.

    • let me know... Have been planning on going to the IMTS show this fall in Chicago, Mori will be showing off its 3d particulate-metal additive machining center... may new to take up a collection but it will be worth it if we can get one..

  • I've had a makerbot (dear god dont!) and have been surveying the field for various options.  

    There are a LOT of players right now, many of whom do not know what they're doing, so a real track record is important.

    If you're looking for a cheap option, I'd probably look at printrbot.  They have a track record, and seem to be well regarded by many.  Of course you should also consider what your needs are.  The steel printrbot they just came out with seems like a good option.  Keep in mind, you get what you pay for generally.  Don't be too concerned with bed size as much as speed, although resolution is also something to keep an eye on.  

    For my next printer, I'm looking at Type A systems.  

  • Hi Andrew, I would recommend a tried and true machine and stay away from the newly crowd funded 3d printers. Although Solidoodle was originally advertised as crowd funding the ceo used to be the lead designer for Makerbot, they are without a doubt the most solid printing platform under $1000. Built strong, I would add an enclosure to control your temperatures, Solidoodle has a deal now for refurbished for $399. 

  • T3

    Get a Printrbot Simple in metal. I had one of the first wood ones and after building and setting it up, it was a pretty reliable printer. They've only gotten better and for the price, it's great. They're an established company and have been around a while and know what they're doing and always innovating. I highly recommend them.

    • Plus, if you order a Printrbot from, you can pay in Bitcoins, if that is of any use to you.

      I don't have a 3D printer yet, but I'm thinking of getting one. I was looking specifically at the Printrbot because of the price and excellent reviews.

      Please let us know if you get one, and how it works out!

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