Really need help with Turnigy 9x Battery

Hi all,I have been using a zippy 1800mah 5C LiFe battery in my Turnigy 9x. I cut the wires of the original AA battery tray of the Tx and soldered them onto the battery. Now I have no idea how to charge it! Aahh! So annoying, I have been searching for ages but cannot find any info. I am comfortable with "charging" it but I can't find a connecter for the turnigy accucel 6 xt60 plug and the weird connector on my battery! Any help would be much appreciated! :)Thanks


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  • Make a cable using a female servo connector.  Don't put the outer housing on it so the pins are exposed.  It will plug in to that connector for charging.

    • Yes, that is what I was thinking but I wasnt sure if you could do that. Thanks heaps :)

      Also, thx Sean I think I will buy one anyway seeing as it would be handy to have.

      Awesome replies, thx ppl
  • If you don't already have one, you should grab an adapter like this one to cover all of your battery charging needs:

    It should cover most of the adapters that you are looking for and there are other versions out there.

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Aug 25