Recently myself and some of my colleagues were interviewed for the online news outlet Quartz, regarding the RC multicopters that I have been building. Beyond the fun of building and flying the rigs on my own time, we have been experimenting with it in gathering video footage as well as photographs for work. Here is the link to the full article on the Quartz site: http://qz.com/168197/how-drones-democratize-videography-and-help-sell-real-estate/

It is nice to know that there are some people who understand that there are beneficial uses of this technology, and that not everyone is looking to spy in someones window or arm them with a weapon.

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  • @Project Nadar...never even noticed that he said that...we do have rigs that fly GoPros and rigs that fly DSLR cameras, maybe that is what he was trying to say.

  • I liked the part where it says Gopro DSLR Camera :D 

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    Well done Sean

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