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I studied Music but who cares... Filming with drones is better... Add composed music to that and you get Project Nadar :D

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

My UAV is not a uav yet.... I am into VTOL's..



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Project Nadar commented on Gary McCray's blog post GoPro 4 is Here - Sort of!
"Personally it's the first time i am willing/considering to buy a gopro camera. I too don't like the touch screen and would be helpful to know whether the touch feature can be turned off cause using a strap on the gimbal might mess things up a bit. I…"
Sep 29, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Colin Snow's blog post Film or Farm: Which is the Bigger Drone Market? – Part 1
"My opinion is that agriculture only uses drones because it saves money. Using a drone for motion picture it's a chapter on it's own. I do believe that the savings generated from drones on agriculture will come to an end at some point so this market…"
Jun 6, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Roger Sollenberger's blog post John Blaske’s Amphibious Drone: The Aqua Quad
"Motors are already waterproofed :D Try submersing a motor with long wires in the sink it and you ll see that it will run without any probs. Although sea water might bring some corrosion to the bearings but that's it. "
May 21, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Andrew Rabbitt's blog post 1300kJ/kg Battery - from the Too-Good-to-be-True Newsdesk
"Steve the battery you have linked will not suffice for our hubgry energy needs. To little contant current. As for the smart phone sized battery indeed specc are overwelming but actual tests are missing. I could also make a funcy site advertising a…"
Apr 29, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Vindolin's blog post Tech-savvy criminals now using heat-seeking drones to target cannabis farms
"This is such a funny story ".....the victim will not call the police...." Well imagine if it did :) Hilarious. My canabis crop just got robbed... It's not long before we read about some serious assassin who decided to mount a silent pistol on his…"
Apr 18, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Gerard Toonstra's blog post The European Commission has today proposed to set tough new standards to regulate the operations of civil drones
"That is some really really bad news... If Stefan has it right then DIY community is at stake. I would seriously prefer to turn alcohol into illegal product rather having things take this route. "
Apr 8, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Christiaan van Vollenstee's blog post South Africa CAA Gave a warning to all South Africans flying sUAV's in civil aviation airspace
"The way i see it manned aircrafts shouldn't be flying lower than 500 feet unless in case of a rescue operation and other humanitarian reasons full stop but you can't restrict all the airspace because of that.
Commercial use of UAS is generating at…"
Apr 4, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Mark Harrison's blog post E-Waste Quadcopter Lifts Your Spirits While Keeping Costs Down
"Fake or not i know where to look for some prop guards now :D "
Apr 2, 2014
Project Nadar commented on X-Winder's blog post Another FAA Incident
"I had a meeting with the local aviation authority here for a commercial use of remote controlled aerial platform. What the flight operation manager aid was that: "You can fly wherever you want as long as this isn't higher than 100 feet. If you do…"
Mar 20, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ABC Denver News: "Drone drifts away in skies over Denver; owner posts 'missing' flyers around city"
"This is why you should earn your way to GPS failsafe from manual flight and not vise versa. I am happy i started flying when GPS was just some NASA weird device. I once had this scenario with the APM2.5 and i was lucky i knew how to manually fly the…"
Mar 12, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Christian Behrens-Thomsen's blog post imagine this under your drone.
"I remember using several gopros to achieve this panoramic video. Parallax was a major issue but with a single lens that shouldn't be a problem. Food for thought for the ones looking to have a stabilized video for such a device it can be done. Do you…"
Feb 28, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Oliver's blog post Renault Concept Car With Built-In Multicopter
"Yeah and Amazon begun shipping items with their drones... It's the new marketing trend as it seems. I can write down as most of us in here at least 100 reasons why this can't be allowed to happen. "
Feb 9, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Project Nadar's blog post PAPI Calibration with the Use of drone technology
"I don't think there is an issue with the local authorities. The question is whether ICAO rules and regulations would come in conflict with the suggested method of calibration. I need to find the relevant annex and take a look at it and see if there…"
Feb 9, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Project Nadar's blog post PAPI Calibration with the Use of drone technology
"Thanks for the info luis. The pdf is gonna be a great source to begin with."
Feb 9, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Project Nadar's blog post PAPI Calibration with the Use of drone technology
"Well if i am correct the PAPI, since wikipedia is full of scientific sentences, is just a visual aid for the pilot in order to correct the altitude. With a UAV flying in predefined coordinates and taking pictures of the several approach phases and…"
Feb 8, 2014
Project Nadar commented on Project Nadar's blog post PAPI Calibration with the Use of drone technology
"Yeah indeed they are at about 10-15 miles is my guess.
At the time being it might not be so feasible for an application such as this one but it's good to map down what are the main factors that prohibit this application with the given technology.…"
Feb 8, 2014