Over at Hackaday, a quadcopter made from ewaste.

"It’s pretty obvious that the main rotors are PC Fans, 140mm in this case. Normally, these wouldn’t be able to create enough lift to get out of their own way except the on-board 24v Dewalt cordless tool battery bumps up the fan speed to 15,000 rpm."

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  • Sad thing is, I now want to make this happen. It's feasible if you take the fans apart and use the motors on actual props, drop the heavy plastic cases, and use a lightweight frame/power setup......hmmm.... Rob, Euan, next project for one of you two? Stick frame with some converted case fans, I can see at least one of you two getting that project knocked out in a few hours or less, you're both pretty good at that ;)

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    I really enjoyed this whole thread... thanks guys, I needed that!

  • Another perfect acquisition target for Facebook.

    With the acquisition, each shareholder will get a free fools hat.   :-)

  • Tier 1 of the maker movement, where the guy only makes a proof of concept that never flies.  These guys usually become middle managers & make $50 billion on kickstarter donations.

  • Euan, I really want to make a quad frame using sticks taken from trees.  Just lash them to together with twin.  I guarantee you I could make it fly.  I've been wanting to do it just to show how easy and simple it is to build a quad frame.

  • Fake or not...dammit, someone has to do this.

  • Fake or not i know where to look for some prop guards now :D 

  • Guys please it's a FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will only ever fly on April 1

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