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I got into R/C in 1975. I got into photography in 1975. I got into computers in 1975. I got married in 1980. (which put a stop to all of the above) It wasn't until 2005 that I figured out how to combine the first three. Currently flying FPV: EasyStar & Quadcopter: S500 Pixracer & HoneyBadger 250 Working on UAV projects (second EasyStar and NitroPlanes 81"Cessna 337) Dabbling with quadcopters beginning with a Honeybadger w/NAZ32 FC, but added 2 x S500 quads w/ Pixracer FC and SPRacing F3 FCs, gimbals, LEDs, GPS, etc. Remarried to a wonderful, understanding, and supportive lady. Father to a 30 yr old son, a 29 yr old daughter, and a 6 year little angel who can fly my R/C helicopter better than I can!

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Primarily recreational fixed wing platforms, but opening up to quads. Member of DIYDrones community since 2007. Status: MODERATOR


Colfax, WI 54730

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"Should hit 90k users today or tommorrow."
Apr 5, 2019
Sgt Ric commented on Haley Hu -'s blog post Tersus GNSS Easy Kits
"Thank you for this."
Jan 4, 2019
Sgt Ric commented on Haley Hu -'s blog post Tersus GNSS Easy Kits
"I totally agree with Chris874.  I am tired of having to ask for a quote and waiting for a sales agent to contact me.  Again, if you gave a product you are offering for sales, post the price range up front, or you won't get my interest."
Dec 16, 2018
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"@Michael Pursifull, I saw he had been removed... I didn't do that but was intending to do this when I saw his links.
It was clearly a violation and as you mentioned, there was no legit content or discussion, so don't worry, he was on his way out…"
Apr 26, 2018
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"Congratulations Rob.  I know you have been working hard on your enterprise and at the same time have been a valued contributor to the community for many years.
I hope you continue to share with us as you have always done, and I hope you took some…"
May 25, 2017
Sgt Ric commented on Ivan Stamatovski's blog post Easy Aerial partners with Mouser to deliver autonomous SAR solution
"Excellent point!  
Only a pipe dream here up north..."
Nov 25, 2016
Sgt Ric commented on Bill Isenberger's blog post Hobbyking web site update makes it harder to find what you are looking for.
"Why does the "New Items" section now show mostly "OUT STOCK" items ??  
No longer very good for browsing for new items !"
Nov 1, 2016
Sgt Ric replied to Jordan Schlak's discussion Pixhawk/Ardupilot VTOL---> Forward Flight
"The PX4 and Pixhawk is a generational increment from the APM,
-the KK2 is a flight controller,
-DJI is closed source plug'n play system with limited access for DIY tinkering.

The APM is still a good DIY solution."
Oct 12, 2016
Sgt Ric replied to Mogli's discussion Follower for APM 2
"The Pixhawk is a more modern controller than the APM series.

The APM/Pixhawk are not simply flight controllers like the Naze32... they allows autonomous flight, which simple flight controllers do not."
Sep 16, 2016
Sgt Ric commented on Chany's blog post Comedee Wing-Q 2.4G Wireless HD Video Link for UAVs--Shenzhen Hollyland Technology Co.Ltd
"Good point about the R/C conflict.  
I don't know what is meant by their point "Anti WIFI interference and robust anti-multipath DSP technology""
Aug 30, 2016
Sgt Ric replied to Luc Maximilien's discussion After 19 minutes in Loiter ,150° Yaw rotation and went gently down vvithout responding to radio sticks
"Not a low power condition?"
Aug 27, 2016
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"That's great!

I'm brushing off my passport for when we hit 100k and Chris flys us Mods down to head-office to celebrate!"
Aug 23, 2016
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"Only 80 new members away from 80k ! Wow."
Aug 19, 2016
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"Boss, that post is now on out Twitter feed!"
Aug 14, 2016
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"It sure is.
Who approved it?

Quote:“Backed by a defence budget that will rise every year until the end of the decade, it will ensure that the UK maintains its military advantage in an increasingly dangerous world.”"
Aug 14, 2016
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"Only 179 more members before we hit 80k.
Now that should be a party!"
Aug 13, 2016