• Thales aka Holland Signaal build a radar that can spot sparrows (not Jack) in a tree at 10 km. The problem is not the spotting, its derterming what your spotting. When the Americans came to show their ultra you-can't- see-me-on-radar-plane they cancelled their visit due to the fact that the radar that i mentioned earlier was just outside the gates of the airfield.

    So they can see your UAV, and now they can get them down with some force (;-). Its just like space invaders in realtume, if you like to play with the military. I'm more the turn and walk/fly away type.
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    OK, OK... I broke the rule about military content but this is just meant as a heads up just in case the FAA really starts coming down hard!
    (they now have some teeth! Ha, ha.)
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