Remotely controlled autonomous drones 

Dear friends, check out our latest project in partnership with Mouser Electronics to build a complete autonomous solution for first responders that uses our XL Pro drones and works over our Global ARC platform ( to enable remote control over the internet. 

Two more episodes coming soon

What is GlobalARC?  

Global Autonomous Robot Communication (ARC) is a cloud platform for deployment and command over completely autonomous UAV's to unlimited distances. It allows for instantaneous data collection and low latency video feed worldwide. 

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  • @ivan fully autonomous organisms don't require a network/grid. That's kind of the definition of fully autonomous. Pretty sure the bird that just flew past the window has no concept of a network/grid, yet it's fully autonomous. So with respect to your statement about "Two things are certain when it comes to the future of UAV's....", in fact neither are certain. 

    With respect to your answer to @Nikola, if your video feed is a local ground link, it kind of defeats your marketing claims of "unlimited distance". So his statement about internet availability is valid. Also, cellular technology is not the only way to build network topologies over great distances.

    When the words proprietary/patented appear in the GlobalARC marketing material and no technology features that  truly differentiate it from existing, in use, open source solutions, it triggers the bull hockey detectors. Also, if you are exposing mission critical, real-time deployment systems through a cloud service, how do you keep them secure? We could go on and on, and that would bring us back to my original supposition, the devil is in the details.

    Looking forward to seeing how GlobalARC will address those details as the company evolves. Cheers.

  • @Nikola - Lol :) So true. However, let me explain the project a bit to you. First off our system can work even on 2G data speeds (pretty much your Edge speed) because it sends very small packets of data. About 90% of US territory is covered with at least 2G and about 75% with 3G. Video is not transmitted this way, but separately via a ground link.

    @earthpatrol - We are very aware of the issues as we do current work with currently available technologies. However we are also trying to make progress in future technologies. Two things are certain when it comes to future of UAV's - they will be fully autonomous and they will be on the grid :). 

  • +1 Nikola and Sgt Ric exactly. IMHO, this is yet another money grubbing, flash in the pan, attempt to create massive amounts of infrastructure around devices that really are not ready for prime time with respect to critical/emergency response systems. As most folks that actually fly and work with UAVs know, the devil is in the details and not the slick marketing materials or figure heads. Cheers.

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    Excellent point!  

    Only a pipe dream here up north...

  • *sigh* When are engineers going to realize that internet access isn't available everywhere?
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