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Lloyd Breckenridge replied to Bob Gann's discussion Help identifying these components
"The frame and motors and esc's are a 3DR hexacopter.
It has not really been assembled all that well. The motor wiring should run up the inside of the arms.
The PDB was not that great on that model you would be better off getting either an XT60 to 6,…"
Oct 15, 2016
Lloyd Breckenridge commented on Ryan Vu's blog post InnoFlight to release Cerberus Triple Redudant Module for Jupiter JM-1 Autopilot
"Surely it's an April Fools joke."
Apr 1, 2016
Lloyd Breckenridge commented on Ted Morgan's blog post Screen shot of our new iPad app
"Are you using reverse ssh or autossh for the proxy connection?
I have developed a very similar system with odroid on board the UAV and proxying through an AWS server.
The proxy server code was written by me and uses UDP for transport.
I have also…"
Aug 27, 2015
Lloyd Breckenridge replied to Paul Williamson's discussion Better ground station platform, Windows or Mac? in PIXHAWK
"I can recommend a nexus 7 2013 version for a good tablet to run Droiddplanner or Tower.
As far as the comments go about a DOS based system. I don't think windows 7/8 are DOS based systems.
DOS based system haven't existed for years but you probably…"
Mar 13, 2015
Lloyd Breckenridge commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post How much we love our toy
"I would say he flew his Christmas present without reading the manual."
Jan 9, 2015
Lloyd Breckenridge posted a blog post
I know there have already been a few posts regarding the 2014 UAV Challenge however the official photographer "Stefan Hrabar" has just published his photos of the event and they are certainly worth seeing.Brings back many happy memories of my week…
Nov 10, 2014
Lloyd Breckenridge commented on Joshua's blog post A reminder to double and triple check your products (exploded ESCs)
"You should avoid mounting the ESC's directly against each other.
The heat build up will definitely cause problems."
Nov 1, 2014
Lloyd Breckenridge commented on Peter Wlodarczyk's blog post Team Thunder's 2014 UAV Outback Challenge
"The camera images were recorded using network video recording software that I have developed. All images can have metadata attached in a jpeg comment. In this case I wrote a cut down version of mavproxy to run on the linux board on the aircraft.…"
Oct 3, 2014
Lloyd Breckenridge replied to Brian S's discussion Severe up and down pitching a few minutes after launch!!
"Your log file does not seem to show the flight.
Are you sure you got the right log.
These X8 airframes should not be flown too fast.
May 27, 2014
Lloyd Breckenridge commented on Mark Harrison's blog post E-Waste Quadcopter Lifts Your Spirits While Keeping Costs Down
"Will only ever fly on April 1"
Apr 2, 2014
Lloyd Breckenridge commented on Chris Anderson's blog post PETA selling AR.Drones with a decal as an "Air Angel"
PETA would be much better off advising anybody thinking of buying and ARDrone just to donate the money to your cause."
Oct 24, 2013
Lloyd Breckenridge posted a discussion
Hopefully someone can help out here.I am trying to switch from FrSky D8R-II Plus to a D8R-XP so that I can use CPPM.I previously had six flight modes configured in my Turnigy 9X.Now that I have connected the new RX and tried to use it I see that…
Sep 12, 2013
Lloyd Breckenridge commented on Brandon Basso's blog post 3DR Labs :: Oculus Rift FPV with head tracking
"@John; I am using the rift to control an Axis Q6035-E PTZ  IP camera.
This camera has absolute positioning so it is fairly easy to use with the rift.
It's a proof of concept for my boss who is showing it a a trade show in Canberra tomorrow.
So far I…"
Aug 10, 2013
Lloyd Breckenridge commented on Brandon Basso's blog post 3DR Labs :: Oculus Rift FPV with head tracking
"@John; Actually I found some example code from the snes emulator that I could use.
I am displaying video from an IP camera in the Oculus and using the sensor to control the PTZ on the camera.
Would be interesting to see you code anyway if you can…"
Aug 10, 2013
Lloyd Breckenridge commented on Brandon Basso's blog post 3DR Labs :: Oculus Rift FPV with head tracking
"Any chance of sharing the Oculus rift code?
That video doesn't seem to show what should normally be seen on a rift display.
Are you just doing head tracking or is the video display correct in the rift?
Aug 9, 2013
Lloyd Breckenridge replied to lemmiwinks's discussion Finwing Penguin in Australia
I have been using the ardupilot on various platforms for a while now.
Your choices look pretty good however you might want to try a cheaper airframe for learning to fly.
If you have had no RC experience then I would suggest a Bixler from…"
Jul 31, 2013