Did my APM die mid flight?

I think my APM just died midflight of course leading to a crash.

I have attached the tlog. The flight does not start till 80% through the log.

I took off in manual switched to loiter then to auto for a 3 waypoint mission.

The plane flew the mission then after it had finished I flick the switch to manual and then immediately after to stablize.

I seemed to have no control after switching to manual and the plane was descending under power.

It crashed not far from me and when I walked over the ailerons were twitching. I did not check the 3dr radio link before I unplugged the battery.

I wondered what had happened but thought the logs should tell me when I get home.

I cannot get any onboard logs because the USB connector was damaged in the crash.

I had a short extension cable plugged into the board and momentum is far stronger then solder joints.

So when I checked the tlog I notice that it just stops before the plane hit the ground (almost immediately after the switch to manual, does not record switch to stabilize).

Telemetry had been working fine so I assume the only reason the log would stop is if the APM crashed or rebooted. Either not a good scenario.

I am relieved it happened in the middle of the park rather than over the river.

It's and APM1 2560 with a meditek GPS and airspeed sensor. Both pitot tubes bent in the crash.

Anybody care to take a look at the tlog or offer any suggestions as to why the log would just stop mid air unless it was due to APM failure in mid air.

Just a reminder log does not really start until about 80%.

Oh and is there any good reason the CLI and log download does not work unless connect via USB??

In my case USB connector is had it but I can still communicate with the APM via the radio.

2012-11-18 12-39-10.tlog

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    Your APM's on-board voltage is not very stable and lower than it should be, 5V is what's needed but yours drops to 4V right at the end of the flight:


  • 3D Robotics

    Sounds like a brownout. You might want to use a separate BEC. The BECs in ESCs are famously temperamental. 

    The CLI interrupts regular autopilot function. It's not safe to allow that to be used over wireless, where it could be accidentally initiated during flight. 

  • We had the exact same problem today. Crashed,  as we switched from Stabilize to Manual for landing.

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