Can you get 6 flight modes with FrSky CPPM

Hopefully someone can help out here.

I am trying to switch from FrSky D8R-II Plus to a D8R-XP so that I can use CPPM.

I previously had six flight modes configured in my Turnigy 9X.

Now that I have connected the new RX and tried to use it I see that both channel 5 and 6 are moving.

This is preventing me from getting my 6 flight modes.

Does anyone know how to configure this combination to get 6 flight modes.


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  • I do this with a few APM-based systems.  All of them are connected to Taranis radios, not 9X, but if you load OpenTX, the code should be very similar.  If you have audio, they will even announce flight modes.

    I use D4R-II receivers on my APM-based multirotors since I don't need OSD RSSI due to having it on vocal alarms in the Taranis. I always use CPPM with APM.  I don't think that's your issue.  Whatever solution you're using to generate the 6 positions in your TX must be affecting both channels 5 and 6.

    My config file for Taranis is here:

    • Thanks for the reply.

      Yes i know opentx will resolve my problem, but to do that i would have to update my turnigy 9x firmware(i have the v2 firmware). And i can only do that by buying extra hardware which i don't think it is worth it. Might as well sell my turnigy 9x and buy a taranis. 

      I would like to resolve this problem without having to spend extra money.

      There has got to be a solution for this problem.

      • any luck with this. Same problem .

        T9x stock fw that I don't want to upgrade because I am having this problem because of upgrading the rx. 
        frsky module + d8r xp  upgraded to the 27ms fw for cppm.
        I used to have ch 5 not plugged , ch 6 plugged into ch 5 on the rx I believe.  

        Now I have 2 modes instead of 6. And I cannot figure out how to change it in arducopter. There is no fltmode_ch


        • Was there any solution ever found??

          • I got tired of messing with it. I dont use cppm now. pwm and zero issues and all is good in the hood. 

  • Maybe this will help? Not sure if it's the same issue.
    • Thanks but that doesnt help my problem.

      The link you gave me is to update to 27ms and to allow the usage of ppm-sum(CPPM) and i did that.

      When i had normal ppm with all the servo wires connected. channel 5 worked fine and i could use it with a mix to use 6 mode on turnigy 9x but now with cppm using one servo wire and the same configuration it changes channel 5 to 6 in the apm planner. 

      So to sum it up you need to use channel 5 for 6 mode switch and it doesn't allow you to do that.

  • Did you fix the problem i am also having the same problem. :(

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