Loiter problem in 2.5

I really have no idea how to analyse the log files.

This afternoon I was flying 2.5 from the git repository.

It does seem to fly better than 2.4.1.

Then I tried loiter and things did not go well.

I am only fairly new at this so was flying stabilize simple and switched to loiter.

The 3DR quad then flew backwards then forwards then accelerated and finally flew off crashing into the ground.

I have attached the log and am hoping that someone could take a look and try and determine what went wrong with my loiter.

Either that or tell me that I should not be flying that code just yet.


2012-03-17 10-40 1.log

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  • Thanks for the answers.

    Guess I should have been more patient.

    Not too much damage just a couple of broken props.

    How many people are using prop savers?

    I would have been through a lot of props by now without them.


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    I am not an expert by any imagination in reading logs but have just learnt a little while trying to decipher some of my own.

    It's hard to say with your log as I can't see if and what went wrong although the Nav lat & long seem to build up tremendously just before the crash.

    At about point 975 it appears that you switched to loiter as there are no further stick inputs from there on in, the quad then starts a slow swing back and forth as described which seems to get worse and worse until the crash, I've never let it get that far and switch out of loiter when things start to go pear-shaped like that.

    What is your Loiter_P and _I set to?

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