Whats wrong with my oilpan/compass

Help again

I recently destroyed an oiplan in a crash.

Ordered a new one and built it along with a new compass.

This time I have connected the compass via the i2c cable.

Trouble is it is very slow to show changes in direction in the mission planner.

The heads up compass display takes forever to show the new heading.

In the CLI compass test it is very fast however in the HUD it takes forever to settle at the new heading.

I have another / friends oilpan with the compass soldered to it and is is very quick to update the HUD compass value.

Is there something different needed if connected via the i2c connector?


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    some diagnostic suggestions:

    take some closeup photos of the cabling and post on this tread

    take a photo to show how the magnetometer is oriented relative to the APM and post on this tread

    unplug the magnetometer and boot up again, is it faster?

    Try setting "Use GDI+" in the Mission Planner settings, see if it runs faster with/without that set

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