How much we love our toy


Sorry I cant embed media code.

Go home and land in safe mode sometimes need a little attention.

Don't know the this swimmer.. but I guess I would do the same thing. :-)


3689633414?profile=originalI'm desperate.

3689633392?profile=originalI'm really despreate and drinking unclean water now...



I got you...

3689633455?profile=originalHappy ending with a smile and a good feeling - I did it...

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  • @Muhammad: Yeah, that's what I thought, which is why I'm scratching my head as to why this guy couldn't maneuver his quad to a more suitable landing spot while it auto-descended. To me, it looks like it entered RTH, but he couldn't (or didn't know how to) cancel it somehow.

  • Telle est la vie - shit happens =)

  • John,

    If i remember correctly, once it goes into battery failsafe, it slowly descends. Holding the throttle stick all the way up will hold it at a constant altitude, but it will not let you gain altitude. You do have roll and pitch control.
  • Great bit of footage! But yeah... lucky bloke!

  • I would say he flew his Christmas present without reading the manual.

  • Ok, so I'm a little unclear here.  Does DJI really lock you out of controlling your quad when it's on a low-batt RTH?  Couldn't he have canceled the mode and regained control, or at least regained pitch/roll authority?

  • Somebody needs to learn to fly their aircraft. Saw this same thing happen this summer to a local UAV reseller. Only difference was he dropped his $5K enhanced DJI multirotor into the middle of the Willamette river. No chance of running/swimming out to catch it. It's now in Davey Jones locker.

  • Moderator

    Ouuuh P lease.

  • no that almost got him in the face which would cost way more

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