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Hello everyone,


I'm a complete newb to this, but worse I have no RC experience beyond simple fwd/rev/left/right type toys.  I'm hoping to set up a Fingwing Penguin as a UAV for aerial photography and multi-spectral NDVI as part of a project here at work (basically copying what the fellow over at is doing and I've been in touch with him).  I've been researching furiously and I've compiled a shopping list of parts but I would really appreciate any advice anyone can offer.  I'm not even sure how to connect some of this stuff up!


Finwing Pengiun ARF kit $199


Battery $40:

Charger $120:


Controller $70:

Autopilot APM 2.5+ ArduPilot Mega 2.5 Fully Assembled $179:

3DR Radio Telemetry Kit 915Mhz $89:

3DR uBlox GPS with digital compass $89:

Frsky DJT $40:

UBEC (auxillary power) $10:

Mission Planner flight software $0:

Canon Hackers Development Kit $0:

Again, any advice appreciated!



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  • i can recommend this package as a first flight controller

    theres no tuning (none needed), everything is supplied and it works very well and is very reliable (RTH has saved me on countless occasions). i found this to be a perfect first choice , but you are limited to 4 way points and the waypoint system is fundamental also your telemetry is the OSD. 

  • Hi

    I have been using the ardupilot on various platforms for a while now.

    Your choices look pretty good however you might want to try a cheaper airframe for learning to fly.

    If you have had no RC experience then I would suggest a Bixler from Hobbyking to learn with.

    I am in Gladesville in Sydney so if you are nearby I can offer you some basic RC training.

    Good luck with your project.

    Lloyd Breckenridge

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