My Skywalker X8

I'm running ArduPlane V2.76

To start with, here are my tlogs  2014-05-15%2019-40-50.tlog

and video (from a keychain cam)

The problem is, there is a fierce up and down shake.... in the video about at 2:15 into the Auto mission flight. I switch to RTL and changed Servo Pitch P from 1.10 to 1.05 and reset and started the mission. Again the shaking started a little beyond the first location shaking problem. Switch back to RTL, changed from 1.05 to 1.00, reset and started the mission. This third time it went a little farther and shook enough to cause the X8 to go in at 100 meters. I couldn't retrieve the plane until the next day because of the difficult terrain. BTW, the plane was never in "Manual Mode", alway in "Auto" or "RTL" modes.

My question, besides HELP, is..... I thought it was strange, the problem should have started immediate after launch, not several minutes after! Also thinking the problem might be in the PTCH2SRV_P settings...( which I was changing from 1.10 to 1.05 to 1.00) it was acting light porpoising!

Now having to take time to rebuild, if I can't find a direction to correct the problem, then I'm grounded!

Any help will be very appreciated!!

Thx, Brian

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  • Your log file does not seem to show the flight.

    Are you sure you got the right log.

    These X8 airframes should not be flown too fast.


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